Aqualand Fréjus is one of the largest water parks on the French Riviera. It is the aquatic destination of this summer!

The park opens its gates on June 19, 2024, and invites you to come along with family and friends. Find out more about the 19 attractions available for young and old. There are 7 hectares of slides, pools and tubes to enjoy with family and friends. On site, you'll also find relaxation areas, VIP areas, restaurants... for a great day out. Aqualand Fréjus is the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer's day!

Map of water attractions

Aqualand Fréjus offers you attractions classified in 3 levels according to the size and the sensations:

  • The blue attractions: accessible to all
  • The red attractions: accessible from 1.10 metres. For those who know how to slide!
  • The black attractions: for fans of speed and sliding sensations

For those who only bathe in warm waters, the temperature of the waters is very pleasant to spend a good time.


Map of the Aqualand water park in Fréjus Var

Map of the Frejus Aquatic Park


When does Aqualand open in 2024?

Aqualand opens on June 19, 2024!


Attractions for children

  • Mini Park water playground with slide, pools, water jets for children under 1.40 meters
  • Children's Paradise Playground for children under 1.40 meters. A real paradise for the little ones.
  • Surf Beach : the wave pool, from 1.10 meters.
  • Bubble Bath Bubble Bath: a bubble bath like a small thalasso, it is the relaxing attraction. Accessible for people over 1.10 meters
  • Rapid Rafting Slide down a slide with 2 people on a buoy. From 1 meter
Children's attractions

Mini Park, Aqualand

Water attractions for all!

Be warned, it slides hard! With family or friends, Aqualand Fréjus offers you these sliding attractions:

  • Black and White Hole On a buoy with 2 people, launch yourself into the total darkness for descents at full speed. From 1.10 meters.
  • Surf Racer Take a carpet, each one its slide and it is the one who will descend the fastest. From 1.10 meters.
  • Flying Boat : a sensation of flying on a buoy with two people. From 1m10
  • King Cobra The King Cobra : the biggest slide in Europe, throw yourself in an open and closed tube. Reach up to 51km/h in the setting of a giant snake. From 1.20 meters.
  • Vertigo New attraction unique in Europe. Embark 4 in a buoy for a dizzying slide. From 1.10 meters
  • Color Splash : Slide from 1.10 meters
  • Blue Mountain Let yourself be carried by the water in an extraordinary slide From 1m10
  • Magic Slide On a double buoy. From 1.10 meters
  • Anaconda A great slide of a hundred meters, at full speed. From 1.10 meters
Attraction for families

The Vertigo, Aqualand fréjus

did you know that

For more fun, find the Aqualand parks located in Fréjus, in Sainte Maxime or in Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer.

Thrill-seeking attractions

Horseback riding, it's a boost! For thrill-seekers, there are some exceptional attractions.

  • Twister Slide with 4 people, but each one has his own tube. You turn in all directions, in the dark. From 1.10 meters
  • Niagara Slide of a dizzying height, you descend on a carpet at high speed Ideal for fans of speed and accessible from 1.20 meters
  • Free Fall Like Niagara, high speed slide for more than 1.10 meters
  • Fun Short but fast slide From 1.10 meters
The Flying Boat, a sensational attraction at Aqualand Ste Maxime

Flying Boat

Restaurants or Picnics

Aqualand Fréjus proposes you to have a lunch break or a snack in the restaurants of the park.
There are some for all the tastes and all the budgets.
You have 6 points of restoration on the park:

  • Restaurant Pizzeria, Sandwich shop, Grill, Fast food
  • Sweet snack, fruit bar, ice cream parlour

Don't forget to book your entrance tickets online, this will give you a 10% discount on the restaurant menus.
Aqualand Fréjus also offers spaces to picnic if you wish. Green spaces are arranged to be pleasant for you.


Leisure activities in the vicinity


Relaxation and VIP areas

Aqualand Fréjus offers you 2 areas to relax in the water park.

The VIP area

The VIP area offers you the comfort of a privatized deckchair, with a bottle of water.
They are available for a day for 17 €.
Attention, places are limited!

The relaxation areas

Deckchairs are spread out in different parts of the park.
They are available by the day for 4 €.


Aqualand Fréjus slide

The Black Hole, Aqualand Fréjus

Dress code, Changing rooms, Aqua Money 

What to wear to Aqualand

Conditions of access to attractions Compulsory dress :

Accepted attire: short swim shorts, swimming costume, swimming cap, swimming lens
Clothing forbidden for access to the attractions: t-shirts, long swimming shorts, bathing dresses, burkini, sports shorts, caps, bandanas, pareos, sunglasses or eyeglasses.

Where can I drop my stuff?

Lockers are available for rent at the entrance of the park for a fee of 5€ per day and 2€ deposit, with a capacity of 50L, which is about 2 large backpacks.
You are not obliged to use the lockers and can choose to keep your belongings with you in the park but in this case, the management declines all responsibility in case of loss or theft.
For large families or groups, the park also offers a limited number of cabins for rent for 15€ per day.
For more information, please ask at the reception.

Aqua Money

Aqua Money is the ideal solution to simplify your purchases during the day! Use the bracelet to pay for all your purchases at Aqualand Fréjus.

You can credit the bracelet at the Aqua Shop. This bracelet is a means of payment valid at all the park's points of sale. At each checkout, you will be informed of your balance. At the end of the day, you can collect the money you have left at the Aqua Shop.

Deposit for wristband: 2 €.

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Services & Cloakrooms

Pay parking : 4 € for the day
Store: sales of souvenirs, textiles, swimwear...
Lockers available : 5 € + 2 € deposit
The deposit is refunded when the locker key is returned

How much does Aqualand cost?

  • Adults (from 11 years old): 32€.
  • Children (4 to 10 years old): 25 €.
  • Children under 4 years old: free

Our tips

GOOD PLACE Buy your tickets online! 
You have a 20% discount Click here to buy

Aqualand discounts: buy your ticket online!

Smart ticket : A special price when you book on the website.
- Child : 23,50€ or 25€*.
- Adult : from 11 years old : 25 € or 29 €*.
*Depending on the number of visitors, weekends or school vacations.
Discover the booking schedule >

Tribe Ticket: for any purchase of 5 tickets minimum on the same day. This is a web exclusive.
- Adult : from 11 years old : 25 € or 28,50 € *.
*Depending on the number of visitors on weekends or during school vacations.
Discover the booking schedule >

Family Pack: 106 € (for adults and children)
2 adults tickets (11 years old and more) + 2 children tickets (4 to 10 years old)
Tickets valid on the same day and exclusively on the web.
Free admission for children under 4 years old

A 10% Menu discount is applicable on your menu when purchasing your ticket online.

Where can I buy a Fast-Pass?

  • The Fast-Pass can be purchased on the day of your visit at the Park entrance. They are offered at the rate of 20€ per person. A faster access to the attractions Surf Racer, Niagara, King Cobra, Vertigo, Flying Boat, Black Hole, Rapid Rafting and White Hole...

Opening hours

Open from June 19 to September 08, 2024
June 14 to July 14: 10am to 6pm
July 15 to August 25: 10am to 7pm
August 26 to September 8 inclusive: 10am to 6pm

Attractions close 30 minutes before Aqualand park closes fréjus.

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