Discover the 35 attractions of Azur Park in Saint-Tropez! Attractions accessible to young and old, ready to make you experience magical sensations. The Tropical Golf of the amusement park is open from 12pm. And don't forget to check the pass cards to make the most of your weekend.

List of 35 attractions

For children: Baby rides

Azur Park offers you a selection of rides for your children from 2-3 to 6 years old:

Tacots 1900, Bounty, Carrousel 1900, Aladdin, Small Carousel, Super Rally or La Pomme, Cuzco, Jumping Frog, Draggon, Mini Skooter, mini canyon or the Toboggan!

A family evening at Azur Park

Attractions for adults and children

For families

Azur Park offers you more than twenty attractions to do with your family.
Discover the list below:
Crazy Mouse roller coaster, Atmosfear drop tower, Typhoon Chair, Ferris Wheel, 5D Simulator and 7D cinema, Fiesta, Ghost Train, Keops, Stargate, Trampoline, Dschunke, River Slide, Hot air balloons, Fun House, Toboggan, Accrobranche, Bumper Boat, King, Auto Skooter, Carrousel 1900, Accrobranche Playball

Fun attractions at Azur Park in the evening

Azur Park, Gassin

Extreme Attractions

If you are looking for thrills, Azur Park is ready to give you a thrill: Ejection Seat, Atmosfear, Typhoon Flight Men and Speed Max.
For the more courageous, the extreme Sky Rider can send you into the air!

Extreme sensation attraction

Ejection Seat at Azur Park

Tropical Mini golf

At Tropical Mini-golf d'Azur Park, your children can play golf in a prehistoric Jurassic Park setting.
Two 18-hole golf courses are available.

The Mini Golf is open from midday, before the attractions open.

The park restaurant

The restaurant La Rôtisserie welcomes you in an ideal atmosphere from 7pm onwards.
Home-made cuisine: pigs and meats grilled on a spit.

Catering area at Azur Park

La Rôtisserie, Azur Park

Opening hours

Opening: 26 June 2021 - Closing: 5 September 2021
Open every day
From 7.30 pm to 2 am

Open from 12 noon

Open from 7pm.

Prices, passes and access


Free entrance to the park
Free parking
Attractions from €2.50

Adults: 12€
Children from 4 to 12 years old: 11€

Pass cards

You can buy Pass Cards on site and get up to 68% discount on Azur Park attractions!

4 PASSes for all ages:

- Baby Pass - 2 to 6 years: €18.50 instead of €49
Includes 17 attractions: Aladdin or Jumper Dog, La Pomme, Super Rally, Cuzco, Jumping Frog, Draggon, Mini Skooter, Mini Canyon, Toboggan, Mini Pouss, Formula 1, Tacots 1900, Train Tortues, Bounty, Carroussel 1900 & Hawai Pool

- Fun Pass - from 11 years old: €31 instead of €91
Includes 21 attractions: Super Railway, Auto Skooter, Touthankamon, Pouss pouss, La Fiesta, Ghost Train, Crazy Mouse, Stargate, Fun House, Xfactory, Trampoline, Carrousel 1900, Playball, Typhoon Chaise or Atmosfear & Dschunke

- Little Pass - 7 to 10 years: €25 instead of €79
Includes 19 attractions: 5D Simulator, Pouss Pouss, La Fiesta, Ghost Train, Touthankamon, Crazy Mouse, Stargate, Fun House, Xfactory, Trampoline. Dschunke, Ferris Wheel, River Slide, Hot Air Balloons, Slide, 7D Cinema, Carousel & Bumper Boat

- XTREM Pass - from 12 years old: €29 instead of €56
Includes 5 exceptional attractions: Sky Rider, Ejection Seat, Typhoon (Flight Men), Atmosfear & Speed Max


Free parking