The ecomuseum is located under the sea, 100 meters from the coastline of the island of Sainte Marguerite, one of the islands of Lérins. Immersed at a depth of 5 meters, these 6 statues represent the faces of men and women from Cannes.

 The visit of this original museum requires fins, mask and snorkel. 1st underwater museum in France, the Ecomuseum is an invitation to discover the underwater statues of the artist Jason deCaires Taylor. 

Explore these large 2m high sculptures by diving into the Mediterranean Sea!


How to get to the ecomuseum?

Meet at the Laubeuf quay, in the port of Cannes, to board the catamaran "Le Caribe" of the Horizon Company.

Boat departures start at 9.30 am in summer. In the other months, departures are from 10 am.

When you arrive on the island at the landing stage, it is a 10 minute walk to the other side of the island.

On the island, there is a signpost, take the direction of the Grand Jardin.
Arrive in front of the Maison Forestière, all you have to do is dive in and discover this underwater museum.
Yellow beacons surround the 6 statues, to make it easier for visitors to find them.

They are located 100 metres from the shore of the island of Sainte Marguerite, the largest of the Lérins islands.

Enjoy a swim around the underwater statues under the Mediterranean waters.

Find all the information for the crossing: timetables, fares, and book your tickets with Cie Horizon.

Plan Iles de Lérins

Plan Iles de Lérins ecomuseum

1st underwater museum in France

Discover the sculptures of the 6 faces of Cannes, each 2 metres high and weighing 10 tonnes.

These monumental statues have been designed to favour the evolution of marine biodiversity.

The works of this underwater ecomuseum were immersed in January 2021. The city of Cannes becomes the first and only French city to own the underwater works of Jason deCaires Taylor. An international English artist who launched his project of underwater silhouettes.

Creation of the 6 underwater sculptures

Ecomuseum to visit with the Horizon Company

Face sculpture in the sea

Taylor made 45 face casts in his ephemeral studio at the Royal Fort on the island of Sainte Marguerite. He then selected 6 unique models of the faces of 4 women and 2 anonymous men from Cannes.

You will discover living and evolving works of art. They will change every year so that each visit is a new experience.

did you know that
Jason Taylor chose the theme of masks for the construction of the statues. They refer to the famous "Iron Mask", imprisoned on the island of Sainte Marguerite.

The statues, an artificial and ecological reef

The particularity of the ecomuseum is its ecological commitment to the protection of the Mediterranean. Hence the choice to call on Jason deCaires Taylor. He is known worldwide for his commitment to the protection of underwater spaces. His works have been placed in several waters, such as the Bahamas, Cancun, Oslo and the island of Grenada.

Each status created by the artist is a refuge for underwater species and an artificial reef promoting biodiversity. This project makes the site suitable for underwater life.

The rough texture of the statues favours the colonisation of marine fauna and flora. You can observe the development of algae, corals, shellfish... In an area where ships are not allowed to anchor, the seabed is home to fish and shellfish. The ecomuseum develops over time the marine ecosystem of Cannes.

Underwater Ecomuseum of Cannes

Sculptures of the ecomuseum

Book your transport tickets

Maritime transport: to get to the island take the Horizon Company. On line they offer you 10% discount when you book: timetables, fares, and book your tickets with the Horizon Company.

Access by boat

Anchoring of boats is prohibited in this area.

Equipment to remember

To visit the ecomuseum, there is only one rule: don't forget your mask and snorkel, otherwise you won't see much.

If you don't have a mask and snorkel, you can find them in supermarkets or in the shops along the harbour.

If you would like diving equipment, you can contact the diving schools directly to book a dive trip.