HYERES Porquerolles Foundation

The Carmignac Foundation located on the island of Porquerollesoffers a unique artistic experience in a wild and unspoilt setting! 2000m² are dedicated to exhibitions of contemporary art works.
Beware, the journey begins at the Hyères pier: "You take a boat, you get away from the world, but to better immerse yourself in it. Here, you are connected to essential questions. In this unspoilt setting, the works can speak for themselves. "According to Charles Carmignac evoking his foundation with a strong artistic ambition.

Disembark, just ten minutes from the shore, in the middle of 15 hectares of pine forest, you will be greeted by the guardian of tranquility, L'Alycastre, the legendary dragon of Miquel Barcelo. Go on, the park is full of monumental sculptural treasures. You will notably come across Nils Udo, the three alchemists with the giant heads of Jaume Plensa, and Lolo, a giant form with the voluptuous curves of Wang Keping.

Inside the Villa, you will walk barefoot, yes barefoot in the middle of a route that is both refined and theatrical. Pop Art greats such as Warhol, Calder, Lichtenstein, Basquiat or Klein will be within easy reach (no security cord, no base).
Another way to see Art.

The plusses:
- Intimate visit (maximum 50 people per half hour)
- walks in an open
setting - visit of the barefoot foundation, a very pleasant sensation

To remember:
- open only
part of the year - no catering on site, bar in the garden.