212 km of adventure

Hikers or nature lovers, live an extraordinary and unique adventure!

Launch yourself to the assault of the Grande Traversée du Mercantour !

An itinerary of exceptional landscapes that links the mountains to the sea. Experience 212 km of adventure and emotion!

The course

Fancy a big crossing? Discover the Mercantour!

Take advantage of this free route, the departure is from the gate of the National Park:

- Start in the Var valley.
- Cross the valleys of the Tinée and the Vésubie.
- Then go down from the refuge des Merveilles, to Menton.

Mercantour National Park, Photo library of the CRT Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

The Great Crossing

The stages of the great crossing

Stage 1 :
Departure Estenc > Arrival St Dalmas Le Selvage, view on the point Côte de L'Âne and Fort Carra.
- 5h30 Course 17,8km.

Stage 2: Start St Dalmas Le Selvage > Finish Hameau de Bousieyas : The hamlet of Ferrière in Italy.
- 5:30 am 18km route.

Stage 3:
Start Hamlet of Bousieyas > Finish Ferrière: Lac de Vens.
- 6h 12.4km route.

Stage 4:
Start Ferrière > Finish Refuge de Vens, former gallows on the Chemin de l'Energie.
- 5h 7.5km route.

Stage 5:
Departure Refuge de Vens > Arrival Refuge de Rabuons. Descent on the Italian side of the Pas de Colle Longue.
- 6:30am 13km route.

Stage 6:
Departure Refuge de Rabuons > Arrival Refuge A. Foches. Sanctuary of Sainte Anna di Vinadio.
- 6:30 Course 15.7km.

Stage 7:
Start Refuge A. Foches > Finish Sainte Anne du Vinadio.
- 6h Course 12.1km.

Stage 8:
Start Ste Anne du Vinadio > Finish Isola 2000 Vallon de Ste Anna.
- 5h Course 8.4km.

Stage 9:
Start Isola 2000 > Finish Refuge de Questa, L'Argentera.
- 5h Course 9.2km.

Stage 10:
Departure Refuge de Questa > Arrival Boréon. Refuge de Cougourde.
- 7h 19.2km route.

Stage 11 : Departure Boréon > Arrival Refuge de la Madone de Fenestre. Les Caïres de la Madone.
- 6h Course 12.3km.

Stage 12:
Departure Refuge de la Madone de Fenestre > Arrival Refuge de Nice. Gravures Vallée des Merveilles.
- 5h 6.4km route.

Stage 13:
Departure Refuge de Nice > Arrival Refuge des Merveilles. Fort de la Retoude at the pointe des trois communes.
- 6h Course 9.7 km.

Stage 14:
Start Refuge des Merveilles > Finish Camp D'Argent. View of the Mangiobo summit.
- 6h 12.9 km route.

Stage 15:
Depart Camp D'Argent > Arrive Sospel, descend Col du Berceau.
- 7:30am 19.5km route.

Stage 16:
Start Sospel > Finish Menton.
- 7am 17 km course.

Mercantour National Park, Photo library of the CRT Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Crossing the Var valley

Accommodation and catering

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The great Mercantour crossing

Living in different dwellings