Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

The La Grave ski area opens in mid-December. La Grave is the best freeride resort in the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region. In winter, La Grave and the surrounding villages offer a multitude of activities for thrill-seekers and initiates alike: Snowkiting, Airboarding, ice climbing, hiking...

This resort is located in a high-mountain area offering numerous itineraries.
This freeride area has just one marked run, that of the glacier.
The rest is for you to discover in complete safety, accompanied or not by guides. The village lies at an altitude of 1,500 metres, facing the Meije, and rises to an altitude of 3,963 metres.
In 2023, the ski area will be open until May 1.
Here, everything has remained untouched, as if time had stood still, and that's what makes this beautiful village so authentic.

High mountain ski area

the freeride ski resort

OTLaMeije (6) bd

The Glaciers de la Meije gondola takes you to an altitude of 3200 meters for an extraordinary experience.
Depending on the weather, it will be possible to reach the summit which culminates at 3600 meters. It is strongly recommended to have a guide to go down the slopes which are still unmarked. Only the glacier from 3200 to 3600 is secured and marked.

The Girose glacier 3173 meters is located in the Ecrins massif and is accessible by the cable car from the village of La Grave.
Do not go out of the marked tracks under penalty of falling in a crevasse. It is strongly recommended to have a guide to go on the glacier. The guide office is located at the beginning of the ski lifts on the main parking of the resort : Site du bureau des guides de la Grave
You can also ask for a freeride school which are numerous on la Grave :

La Grave Freeride School:

Ski area located in high mountain offers you, a single marked run and itineraries including 2 classics :
- les vallons de la Meige
- Chancel.
A sign at the top of the TGM (Glaciers de la Meije cable car) reminds you that you are in a high mountain area.

It is essential to be well equipped with shovels, probes and DVA.
We advise you to check the weather forecast beforehand.
The ski patrol office is located at the start of the gondola and you will find all the practical information such as: opening hours, weather, avalanche risks...

Lift passes

Chazelet station

Chazelet station © J. Selberg

Packages for riders

The days can be consecutive or not.
Ski à la Carte : the AEON Flexipass - Membership 15 €
- 2 Days 108 €
- 3 Days 159 €
- 6 Days 294 €
- 10 Days 450 €

La Grave Seasonal Package 950€.

SuperNova limited edition package
(La Grave, 2 Alpes, Alpe d'Huez) 1300 €

Season pass valid except weekends and holidays 530 €.

Package for hikers

adults 55 euros
children 42 euros
students 31 euros

Schedule of the domain in winter

The ski area is open from December 17 to May 1, 2023.
The first ascent by cable car is at 9am.
The last descent from 3200m is at 16h30.

Snowshoeing in the country of the Meije

La Grave and Villar d'Arène (located next to each other) offer different snowshoeing itineraries.

The routes are open from December 20 to April 10.
Some snow conditions may cause the route to be closed.
The hikes are marked, but not secured.
To take advantage of the snowshoe walks, we invite you to take note of the snow conditions and the risks of avalanches. Don't forget to equip yourself with a DVA, and to watch the weather forecast.

To better discover the hiking trails, mid-mountain guides offer their services. Discover with them, the fauna and flora of the region.

Discover our selection of hikes of different levels and difficulty.

Hiking Lake of Pontet

The route is very easy.
The distance is 2 km, plan 3 hours of snowshoeing.

The itinerary has a cumulative difference in altitude of 310 meters and 11 meters negative cumulative.
The maximum altitude is 1.980 meters and minimum 1.658 meters.
The starting point of the lake of Pontet is in Villar d' Arènes.

As its name indicates, the hike takes you to the lake of Pontet.
During the course, you will have beautiful views on :
- The Massif des ecrins,
- The mountain of the Agneaux of the meije
- The cliffs of the plateau of emparis of the valley of the romanche...
Don't forget your cameras !

Hiking The Needle

The hike is easy, 3 km long and takes 4 hours.
The itinerary of the spur has a cumulative difference in height of 420 meters and 23 meters negative cumulative.
The maximum altitude is 2,053 meters and minimum 1,649 meters.
The starting point of the Aiguillon is in Villar d' Arenas.

This easy itinerary is quite technical on snowshoes, marked but not secured.

PRACTICE: download the map of the different hikes in the area 

Snowkite Paragliding

snowkiting at the col du lautaret

Kite ©J.Josserand bd

The Col du Lautaret is one of the best spots in Europe for snowkiting.
Snowkiting, or kiting on snow, is a sport of gliding.
The kite school of La Grave proposes you different activities :
- Discovery course
- Improvement course
- Kite touring


The Kite Legende school based at the Col du Lautaret welcomes beginners and experienced kiteboarders. Supervised by qualified instructors, the school provides you with all the kite equipment.
You just need to bring your ski or snowboard equipment and shoes.
Snowkiting is a sport of gliding pulled by a kite, accessible to all.
you must be in good physical shape and at least 7 years old.
For children from 8 years old, the school proposes initiations to the piloting of a small sail adapted to the morphology of the children. The courses take place every Wednesday afternoon outside the school vacations.

Snowkite price list
Subject to favorable weather conditions.
- Adult : from 90 €
- Child : from 30 €.
Group rate from 8 people.

- Discovery' formula for beginners: 130€ (3h)
- 'Advanced free ride/style/cross' formula: 130€ (3h)
- Private lessons: 90€ (per hour) / 250€ (3h)




The kite school proposes you the practice of the freeride tour.
So you have the possibility to land at the top of the three bishoprics, or to go around the Lautaret pass accompanied by their instructors.

Day rate
ski kite tours : 200€ (1 pers.) + 80€ (/pers extra)

Contact of the snowkite school

06 79 20 08 56
06 20 05 03 07


Here again, to progress safely, the supervision of a guide is strongly recommended because danger is everywhere.
Several training courses are possible alone or in groups.
The ascent of these icefalls has been renowned for many years in La Grave.
The closest ones are located near the village in the hamlet of Freaux.
With guides
The Haute Romanche is known for its numerous ice climbing routes. This valley offers routes for all levels.

activities other than freeride

Adrien Merlin

Initiation to stunt

The Pylône ice fall is ideal for initiations:
Approach: 150 m - Height of the waterfall: 70 m - Difficulty: 3+.

Different formulas are proposed to you by the guides of the grave.

Guide contact
04 76 79 90 21
06 71 37 08 55

Opening period
From December 18 to February 28, every day from 8:30 am to 4 pm.


- Single rate per person for a group outing > €115
3 participants minimum for the outing to go ahead

- Package / commitment: 390 €
Private commitment rate for a group of 1 to 4 people

- Adult group : 430 €
Private commitment rate for a group of 5 to 6 people



AIRBOARD Freeride activity

Discover sliding with the Airboard. This snow machine is a sled on which you can slide down the slopes head down on the snow.
With Odile, come and have fun on the slopes of Chazelet, Villar d' Arène or Col du Lautaret. Accompanied by the youngest, this sled is easy to handle.

Reservations required on 06 08 81 54 24 - 04 76 79 94 67

AIrboard rates

Adult : 35 € (Discovery 2 hours)
Child : 35 € (Discovery 2 hours, from 9 years old)
Package / commitment : 45 € (Glide and emotion 1/2 day).

Children under 6 years old must be accompanied.

Snowshoeing + Airboard day = 72 Euros per person for adults and 66 Euros for children (from 10 to 18 years old)