Enter the 1932 Maître Moulnier store located in the old town of Nice, the very essence of the Alziari house.

With the visit of the Alziari Mill, learn more about the origins of the Mediterranean oil. Discover the mill-workshop in the heart of the restanques of Nice. 

Visit to the Alziari Mill

The Alziari Mill welcomes you to discover both the production site of the unique variety of olive, "la cailleté", and the know-how of this confectioner and miller. The tasting will be an opportunity to learn about the subtle flavors and the different accommodations. As for the wine, the vintages and crus will be the cherry on the cake of a unique signature.
The store offers a variety of fine grocery products to put on every table!

Alziari House

The Alziari House, a history coupled with that of Nice. Founded in 1868, the mill uses the ancestral and almost extinct method known as "Génoise". This slow and respectful method favors excellence and authenticity thanks to the nectar of the fruit.

The plusses:
- open all year round (from November to March harvest time)
- varied sale of local products with PDO from the production (gastronomy and well-being)
- extra virgin olive oil by mechanical
process - organic
farming - online shop