Head for the Musée de la Castre, which offers an ethnographic and historical journey to the heart of the ancient civilizations of Asia, Africa, the Orient, America and Oceania.

The Castre Museum

Visit the Castre museum in Cannes ! Discover collections and exhibitions on Archaeology and History.
A whole room dedicated to a little known art, that of the Inuits and Eskimos. Three other rooms punctuate the visit with a collection of paintings by renowned artists of the 19th century.

Three universes await you

- collection of antiquities, primitive art and orientalism from the bequest of Baron Lycklama to the city in 1877
- collection (one of the most important) of musical instruments from around the world in the vaulted stone space of the Saint-Anne chapel
- collection of 19th century paintings
This museum will amaze you by the diversity and rarity of these pieces.

At the end of your visit, don't miss the panorama of the city from the Castre tower. But you have to climb 109 steps to get there!

Culture side 

The Castre museum is one of the rare medieval vestiges in the heart of the historic city overlooking the bay of Cannes at a height of nearly 40 meters. Built by the monks of Lerins nearly a thousand years ago, the castle has a keep protected by a surrounding wall. From the top of the square tower, watchmen were placed for the surveillance of the city.

The most

- workshops for children and adults
- cycle visit games
- temporary exhibitions
- store