TENDE Wonder

The Musée des Merveilles invites you to immerse yourself in our origins by answering your many "what was it like before? ». It is dedicated to rock engravings. The approach is very playful, the scenography highlights models in relief, light tables, and real size casts.
The architecture of the place is monumental with its majestic facade, it contains various exhibition rooms on a human scale. Numerous temporary exhibitions, conferences and activities fully participate in the effervescence of the site.

On the culture side:
The Valley of the Wonders and Fontanalba in the region of Mount Bego is the most important site in Europe. In 7000 years, it is some 50,000 signs on more than 4,000 rocks that prehistoric man has left as a memory.

The plusses:
- An itinerary for the young public from 4 to 10 years old in the permanent gallery.
- An interactive "Musée.doc" space with extracts from temporary exhibitions and concerts.
- A tactile table for a 3D visit of the Mount Bego site.
- Relaxation areas inside and outside the museum.
- Free parking at the train station (80 spaces) in front of the Museum.

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