Jean Cocteau

The Museum and Universe of Jean Cocteau :
Jean Cocteau's graphic act was given full measure in 1923 when he wrote in a dedication to his friend Pablo Picasso: "Poets don't draw. They unravel writing and then renew it in a different way. »

Each year, a renewed display of the museum's collections gives an account of Jean Cocteau's plural genius. The reading of his work, eminently complex and of considerable richness of thought and expression, can only be conceived by taking its source in the poetic inspiration of the artist. Thus, this fourth journey since the opening of the museum in November 2011 offers a crossroads vision between the worlds in which he evolves. The obsession with the place and the reverse and the figure of the double are omnipresent in his work and represent the Ariadne's thread of a totally mastered thought, inscribed in the globality of the creative act.

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This new journey is an opportunity for the Musée Jean Cocteau (Séverin Wunderman collection) to draw on the wealth of current scientific research on the artist's work and is thus inspired by the work of David Gullentops and Ann Van Sevenant, "Les Mondes de Jean Cocteau", Non Lieu, Paris, 2012. The exhibition "Jean Cocteau, passeur de lumière", designed by Sandra Blachon and Juliette Philippe with the participation of Christian Rolot, Audrey Garcia and Pierre Caizergues from the University of Montpellier III, custodian of an important "Cocteau collection", will accompany the display of the collections around the "Universes of Jean Cocteau". As every year, Pascale Lyautey of the Maison de Jean Cocteau in Milly la Forêt, as well as Ioannis Kontaxopoulos, author of numerous books and curator of exhibitions based on Jean Cocteau's work, also participate in this joint work.