Located in Nice, at the Allianz Riviera Stadium, the museum showcases all disciplines: soccer, volleyball, rugby and more.
A visit filled with emotion thanks to its vast collection and various exhibitions.

Relive the French exploits throughout the world and go back in time thanks to the National Museum of Sport.
A space dedicated to the OGC Nice football team is to be discovered, there is even a table soccer.
The little sportsmen can celebrate their birthday in a unique place by realizing challenges on the theme of the sport.

Photo exhibition MNS (c) M.Erlich National Sports Museum

Photo exhibition MNS (c) M.Erlich National Sports Museum

A museum tracing the history of sport in France

Since 1963, the National Sports Museum offers you to live or relive the greatest victories and defeats of the French teams.
Discover a collection of all sports disciplines, from the 16th to the 20th century.
Admire the medals and trophies won during the World Cup, the Olympic Games and the Tour de France.
The museum also presents a large collection of posters representing the sportsmen and women who have marked their generation. In total, there are nearly 20,000 posters on display.
You can also see consumer objects such as Coca-Cola cans, music in honor of the victory of the blue team.
Clothing and sports equipment of the players from different eras are to be seen, as well as other objects such as postcards, diplomas, engravings, sculptures, books, badges, paintings, etc.

Did you know that

A Journey from the Parc des Princes
Did you know that the museum originally opened its doors at the Parc des Princes? Parc des Princes before moving to Nice in June 2014?
It was a colossal journey involving 30 semi-trailers to transport the 45,000 objects and 400,000 documents that make up this impressive collection.


The 4 routes of the national sports museum

The visit is organized around 4 themes to discover the exploits in all sports disciplines.
On the program: disciplines that are practiced alone, against an opponent, with others or those that go beyond the limits of the impossible.

Photo exhibition MNS (c) M.Erlich National Sports Museum (12)

Photo exhibition MNS (c) M.Erlich National Sports Museum (12)

The Self-Challenge

The self challenge is the surpassing of oneself through sport.
The disciplines that are practiced alone such as athletics, cycling, swimming, sailing, horseback riding, golf or winter sports are honored.
Discover the athletes who combined their physical and mental strength to make history.
The equipment that allowed them to achieve their records are also presented: the first bicycles, skis, suits or golf clubs, up to their most recent version.

The Man to Man Challenge

The second theme of the visit is the Man to Man duel.
The goal is to confront each other with a sword, a boxing glove, a racket or simply with the strength of one's limbs to become the sole winner.
These fights in stadiums, rings or mats have given birth to legends like Yannick Yoah, Marcel Ceden, David Douillet, Laura Fessel and many others.
You will find their outfits, equipment, autographs, photographs of their exploits that have marked the world.

Photo of part of the collection

Nice to visit : Sports museum

The collective challenge

Victory is more beautiful when we all play together.
Team sports bring greater intensity for players and supporters alike.
It's in these types of disciplines that the values of sport shine through the most.
Some victories have shaken an entire nation. Everyone remembers Les Bleus' victory in the 1998 Football World Cup, or the one in 2018.
This is the spirit of the third theme: the collective challenge.
Discover all the team sports and moments that have left their mark on the French.
World Cup archives, the evolution of footballs and the history of the Gallic cockerel on shirts are all there to be admired.

The Challenge Beyond Boundaries

Man is a being of challenge who likes to exceed the limits.
He braves the many challenges of nature.
He pushes his psychological and physical limits.
He makes the impossible possible. The exploits of men who have achieved the unimaginable are honored in this fourth space.
Relive the conquest of the Himalayas, the birth of handisport, the crossing of the desert...

Allianz Riviera stadium Rugby World Cup

French exploits around the world

4 immersive and interactive spaces

The visit of the National Museum of Sport is animated by 4 digital devices, airlocks, accompanying the permanent exhibition.
Meet the greatest champions: Tony Parker, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer... through interviews or mini-films.
Rediscover the most beautiful sports exploits and discover exciting adventures in the four corners of the world.

Immersive Space 1: Training

This first airlock is dedicated to the discovery of sport-health, the preparation of athletes and physical and technical improvement.
Meet your virtual coach, Stéphane Diagana, 400m hurdles world champion.
Test your physical abilities with the exercises offered, under the expert advice of the coach.
Compare your performances with those of the greatest French athletes.

nice 2024 sports museum

What to do in Nice with your family

Immersive Space 2: The Greatest Moments in Sports

This second airlock is a giant projection space with a 240° curved screen 2.25m high. Dive into the world of sports and discover the fascinating history of French sports.

More than 15 outstanding moments of French sport are projected for you:
- victories in the World Cup
- exploits at the Olympic Games
- but also defeats and mythical reversals of fortune

immersive features at the musée du sport nice

Soccer movie

Immersive Space 3: Football

This mythical sport is honored in this third space.
Explore the wastelands, the playgrounds or the lawns of the biggest stadiums in the world.
Discover never-before-seen images of these football enthusiasts in all their diversity and social classes.

Immersive Space 4: The Adventure

Live an experience full of sounds and lights. On the program, live strong sensations, discover extreme sports and embark on an extraordinary adventure.

Temporary exhibition

From November 8, 2023 to September 22, 2024, the Musée National du Sport opens its doors to an exceptional exhibition, celebrating the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Under the evocative title "Les Elles des Jeux", this immersive exhibition plunges you into the incredible evolution of women in the Olympic world.
Discover the extraordinary journey of over 130 years, from a time when women were almost totally excluded, to their victorious fight for equality and parity in sport.

It's a unique opportunity to measure spectacular progress and celebrate the sporting heroines who paved the way for more equitable participation.
Don't miss this deep immersion in sporting history that promises to inspire and move.

Did you know that

The National Sports Museum offers you the opportunity to create an exhibition entirely online. 4 virtual exhibitions are available on different themes.
Click here to discover them

Combined tour with the Allianz Riviera stadium

The National Sports Museum offers you the opportunity to combine your visit to the stadium with that of the permanent or temporary exhibition.

Visit to the Allianz Riviera StadiumFull price: 16€
Reduced price (OGC Nice subscriber, student, under 18, disabled person): 10€
Free for children under 5 years old.

A space dedicated to OGC Nice Football

Café des Aiglons OGC Nice at the national sports museum

Café des Aiglons OGC Nice

For soccer enthusiasts, there are various objects to admire in the museum.
There are medals, trophies, magazine covers, shirts, cleats, etc.
The national sports museum has dedicated a space to the local team OGC Nice, named the café des Aiglons.

The club's history is traced through its various highlights.
You can see the shirts of Hugo Lloris or Alexy Bosetti, the trophies of the club's greatest victories, the ball of the first goal at the Allianz Riviera stadium or the match against Real Madrid in 1960.

The space is decorated in the colors of the OCG Nice: red and black.
Soak up the club's atmosphere with a game of table soccer, or listen to one of the songs on the jukebox.
Interactive tables bring back memories of the Eagles.
And screens broadcast the club's most memorable moments.


Birthdays at the Museum

Offer your child a birthday party with the colors of the OCG Nice.
The animation is accessible from 5 years old.
The Musée National du Sport offers different packages from 85 to 200 €.
For each formula, a visit of the National Sport Museum and a workshop among 20 possible choices is included.

Foyer of the auditorium" formula

  • Visit to the National Sports Museum + workshop of your choice
  • For snacks, a reserved area with a table soccer
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Parents have a reduced rate to enter the museum...
  • Rate from 100 € up to 12 children

Eaglet Coffee Formula

  • Visit to the National Sports Museum + workshop of your choice
  • The snack takes place in the café des aiglons
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: from 120€ up to 12 children
  • Parents have free access to the museum

Stadium" formula

  • Visit of the museum and the Allianz Riviera stadium + workshop of your choice
  • Or visit of the museum + 2 workshops of your choice
  • For snacks, a reserved area with a giant table soccer
  • Duration 3h
  • Price : from 250 € up to 15 children
  • Parents have free access to the museum
Book a birthday party

To book your birthday party at the National Sports Museum, contact or call 04 89 22 44 00


Other activities of the Museum

Several activities (with a fee) are offered by the National Sports Museum.
Have fun, develop your knowledge and discover unusual anecdotes about the world of sports.

Guided Tours

Guided tour of the National Sports Museum

Guided Tour

During 1h to 1h30, discover the national museum of sport in a completely different way.

Guided tours are scheduled fairly regularly for individual reservations.
For groups of more than 10 people, a 3 week reservation is required at


Dedications to the Eaglets' coffee

Get an autograph from your favorite OGC Nice player.
Before each home game, the museum and the club organize an autograph session at the Café des Aiglons.
The session starts two hours before kick-off.
Admission to the Café des Aiglons is free.
A reduced rate is offered for the visit of the museum upon presentation of your match ticket.

Visit of the reserves

Satisfy your curiosity by visiting the reserves of the national museum of sport.
For 10€ (or 5€ reduced rate), admire the museum's hidden collections.
This immersion in the heart of the French sports heritage shows you the secrets of the museum and how the objects are preserved (temperature, packaging, casing, etc.)

Supporting the Museum's mission
The museum has created an association "Les Gladiateurs du Musée National du Sport" to support its mission of preserving the French sports heritage.
I make a great donation
You can help them
virtual tours of the museum

Nice to aire on the Côte d'Azur


Activities for children


Take part in a 45-minute motor skills and awakening workshop for your little ones from 1 to 3 years old. Enjoy a moment of sharing, in complete safety with adapted equipment. Develop their senses and balance through games and fun exercises.

13€ for the parent/child pair (6€ per additional child)

For the 12-18 months workshops: one Friday per month from 9:30 to 10:15 a.m.
For the 2-3 years old: one Friday per month from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m.

The tales to wriggle

This workshop allows children from 10 months to 3 years old to develop their motor skills through a storytelling and interactive visit of the museum. Meet Coco the armadillo and help him overcome his shyness during the visit.

9,50€ for the parent/child pair (3,50€ per additional child)

One Thursday per month from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m.

Sports education

For 4 to 6 year olds, the museum offers a special workshop to introduce your children to sports. This is an opportunity to discover different sports and if there are unsuspected talents.

13€ for the parent/child pair (6€ per additional child)

Wednesdays from 11am to 12pm.

Parent/Child Yoga

Enjoy a family yoga session, from 6 years old. During the school vacations, the museum welcomes you to share a zen and sporty moment with your children.

13€ for the parent/child pair (6€ per additional child)

Tuesdays from 10am to 11am.

Victories" family tour

Discover the new "Victories" exhibition and take part in team challenges during a family visit.
The activity lasts 1h30.

13€ per parent/child pair.
6€ per additional person.

Visit and workshop "when art meets sport

Discover the permanent exhibition and the "Victories" exhibition, while learning about artistic and sports performances.
The activity lasts 1h30.

13€ per parent/child pair.
6€ per additional person.


You can now book your activities at the National Sports Museum on the website. Click here.


1 Permanent or temporary exhibition
Full price: 6€
Reduced price: 3€*
FREE for children under 18 and disabled persons

2 Permanent and temporary exhibitions
Full price: 8€
Reduced price: 4€*
FREE for children under 18 and disabled persons

* student, RSA, 18-25 years old, minimum old age pension, large family

Guided tour of the Allianz stadium
Full price: 13€
Reduced price (OGC Nice subscriber, student, under 18 years old, disabled person):
9 €
Free for children under 5 years old

Leisure activities in the vicinity

Opening hours

From June to August: every day from 10am to 6pm
From September to June: Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm

Weekly closure on Mondays in winter and one hour before kick-off.


Musée National du Sport
6 Allée Camille Muffat
Stade Allianz Riviera
06200 Nice
04 89 22 44 00