With the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, learn more about the history of the oceans. Understand and become aware of the protection of the ocean floor.

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco invites you to discover and interact with fish.
It is the ideal leisure to be close to the most majestic marine species.

For two hours, it is a total immersion in the world of the oceans in the heart of the Rock of Monaco.
Discover animations on the theme of the sea to end your visit in beauty!


Oceanographic Museum © S_Péroumal

Oceanographic Museum © S_Péroumal

Admire 4 marine ecosystems

Discover the life of our blue planet, from Mediterranean to tropical waters! With the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, dive into the ocean depths, explore and admire the marine life! The Museum has recreated four ecosystems where each species has its function:

  • The Shark Lagoon
  • The Mediterranean Basin
  • Tropical Seas
  • The Odyssey of the Marine Turtles

The Shark Lagoon, ann incredible encounter

Experience a face to face encounter with these giants of the sea thanks to the panoramic pool. 6m high, you will have the impression to swim next to these predators. In order to reconstitute its biotope, rays, turtles, coral reef and other species are present. The huge glass walls allow you to live a captivating experience!


Leisure activities in the vicinity

The Mediterranean Sea Basin

Admire the beauty of our coastline! Lhe treasures of the "Big Blue" are reconstituted through a playful and educational course. Designed for all ages, you will see 100 species of fish and 200 invertebrates. The riches of our shores are within sight: octopus, grouper, sea cicada, box crab Calappa granulata, boar fish, short-snouted seahorse, scorpion fish, cuttlefish ... Admire the flora of the Mediterranean, which means "the sea in the middle of the land" and its multitude of colors. Its geographical position and the hand of man have made it fragile.
Octopus © F. Pacorel - Oceanographic Museum

Octopus © F. Pacorel - Oceanographic Museum

Explore the tropical seas

The tropical seas have one of the richest ecosystems in terms of color and activity. This basin, composed of corals and marine animals living with algae, offers multicolored reefs.
Between microscopic algae and predators, each one has its role and contributes to the development of the reef.Each one has its role and contributes to the balance of this biosphere. Admire the inhabitants that hide there: the fearsome stonefish, the long-nosed hawkfish, the Mexican water dragon, the moray eel... A permanent spectacle!
Mandarin fish © Musée océanographique de Monaco - Thierry Ameller

Mandarin fish © Musée océanographique de Monaco - Thierry Ameller

The Odyssey of the Marine Turtles

A panoramic view

Turtle Odyssey © Musée océanographique M_Dagnino


During your visit to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, enter the outdoor turtle pool. In this open-air area, admire the marine turtles collected by the Monegasque Center for the Care of Marine Species (CMSEM).
This space allows you to learn more about these endangered species.
You can even watch the caretakers prepare food for these animals!


Our tips

To take full advantage of your visit, choose the least crowded times
. Visit the museum in the morning or after 4pm.

Visit the Museum, its 3 spaces and its exhibition

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco invites you to decipher the secrets of our oceans! Become an explorer, discover the unusual collections and admire the skeletons of marine animals.
A true temple dedicated to the sea, the Museum is made up of 3 areas:
  • Monaco and the ocean
  • Océanomania
  • The Whale Room

Area 1: Monaco and the ocean

Espace Monaco et l'Océan - from exploration to protection © Cédric Fruneau - Oceanographic Museum

Espace Monaco et l'Océan - from exploration to protection © Cédric Fruneau - Oceanographic Museum

Relive 100 years of history with a retrospective on the oceanographic expeditions of the 3 sovereigns involved:

  • Prince Albert 1st, nicknamed the "Prince of the Seas",
  • Prince Rainier III,
  • H.S.H. Prince Albert II

These three princes were aware of the major issues of their time and the need to safeguard marine species.
An immersive digital scenography is integrated into a reconstructed 27m long exploration ship.
New technologies make the tour stimulating: optical theaters, LCD screens, interactive board or touch screens ... You become an actor of your visit!

We love what we marvel at, and we protect what we love.
Quote from Jean-Yves Cousteau, Director of the Oceanographic Museum from 1957 to 1988

Space 2: Whale Room with the exhibition IMMERSION

In the heart of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, the Whale Room hosts the IMMERSION exhibition. This exhibition integrates a unique and impressive device:

  • 250m2 of interactivity
  • 650m2 of projection
  • 40 video projectors
  • 9m high projection walls
  • 60 species to discover

Since June 2022, the Polar Mission exhibition offers a virtual and interactive dive into the Arctic World. In a faithfully reconstructed environment, explore the surface and underwater landscapes, and meet its most emblematic species. Even enjoy the polar aurora!


SPACE 3 : Oceanomania, the curiosities of the marine world

Oceanomania Cabinet © M. Dagnino - Oceanographic Museum

Oceanomania Cabinet © M. Dagnino - Oceanographic Museum

Discover the largest cabinet of unusual objects related to the ocean!
Created by the artist Mark Dion, observe historical and rare objects: diving suits, ship models, books, etc. These o
These objects used to explore the oceans are real treasures. Browse through their stories and anecdotes.

What are the activities, animations to do?

Learn more about the oceans, while having fun. Make your visit original and atypical by adding animations. Don't forget to book in advance.

ESCAPE GAME : A space-time journey on board the Princess Alice II

Solve the various puzzles to return to port safely. This mix of adventure and history is suitable for adults and children over 7 years old.
2 game rooms, 2 scenarios, 2 levels of difficulty.

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes. In teams of 3 to 6 people.
Price: From 45€.

Engine research


IMMERSEAVE 360°: Immersion with a virtual reality helmet

Learn in an unusual way and vibrate with a helmet in 360° vision. Two exclusive films on the oceans are shown:

  • Little Big Whale: discover the giants of the sea.
  • Tubbataha 360°: dive in the marine park of Tubbataha, Philippines.

Duration: 30 minutes - translated into French and English - Children from 12 years old
Rates: 8 €/person (from 12 years old) or 28€/family (2 adults + 2 children)

Our tips

Our advice: reserve your seats to guarantee your participation



Become an expert on the sea floor! This fascinating discovery workshop offers young and old alike the opportunity to touch and hold starfish, crabs, sea cucumbers... The objective: to learn while having fun.
During your visit, ask for the "animals by the sea" option to reserve your place. 

Duration : 30 minutes
Price: 38€/family


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Is your child passionate about the sea bed? The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco offers your children the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of marine scientists.
For 5 days during the school vacations except Christmas, your children from 6 to 12 years old can discover the secrets of the marine world.
Various games and activities dealing with the theme of the oceans are proposed.

did you know that?

If you have children who are fans of the sea. You can celebrate their birthday surrounded by their favourite animals. On the programme: activities, games, a visit to the museum and a snack on the terrace, supervised by an animator.

One of the Museum's missions, the Care Center

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is also a marine species care center!
How can we make sure that turtles can live better in these oceans?
This is the very heart of the Oceanographic Institute's mission, to be a refuge for marine species in difficulty.
Tips to apply in your daily life are given to protect the turtles.

Robert Calcagno Director General of the Oceanographic Institute:
"We are developing marine protected areas to allow turtles to breed, lay their eggs, feed. The approach is to improve the health of the oceans is a long-term approach. The museum has therefore decided to set up a rescue center for sea turtles, a hospital, an infirmary and a pond in which the turtles will be able to develop, to be in a convalescence phase.
This rescue center will allow us to welcome and feed injured, sick and weakened turtles in a more systematic way, so that we can finally release them.


Protection of the seabed
The museum offers you the possibility to sponsor a fish. A certificate will be issued to you and you will be given unlimited access for one year
I'm sponsoring a fish
I'm there. go to

Eating at 85m high at "La Terrasse

Turtle Island on the roof terrace © M. Dagnino - Oceanographic Museum

Turtle Island on the roof terrace © M. Dagnino - Oceanographic Museum

Eat on the roof of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, 85m high, at "La Terrasse".

It is the ideal place for a coffee break or lunch and enjoy the sunshine. Lhe restaurant offers a panoramic view of the sea and Monaco.

You have 3 spaces:
1. Outdoor restaurant
2. Indoor lounge area
3. A secure playground "Turtle Island", located in front of the outdoor restaurant.

If you don't want to eat there, we invite you to take a tour! The view is incredible.

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Adult (18 years old and over) : 19€
Student (valid card to be presented at the ticket office) : 12€
Child : (4 to 17 years old included) : 12€
Child under 4 years old : Free
Person with a disability : 9€ Accompanying persons get a free entrance You just have to go to the cash desk.

Your ticket gives you access to all the spaces:

The Turtle Odyssey (outdoor part),
Permanent and temporary exhibitions (including IMMERSION)
Some activities are in addition to the ticket and are not free. Do not hesitate to ask for information on site or on their website.

Purchase your ticket on site or online (e-billet is the preferred option)

How to book your ticket?

Buy your ticket online to avoid the line.
Tickets can be presented on any electronic medium.

How to get to the Museum?

How to get to Monaco :
By car find the itinerary on our map
By bus lines 602 and 607 from Nice click here
By TER train click here

When in Monaco:

  • By car: Parking of the Chemin des Pêcheurs located under the museum, at the Rocher (Avenue de la Quarantaine)
    • For your information, the parking lots in Monaco are the cheapest in the region. Don't hesitate !
  • By bus : take lines 1 or 2 - Terminus Monaco Ville (Le Rocher).

Opening hours

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is open every day.
Except on December 25th and the weekend of the Formula 1 Grand Prix (end of May)

January ; February ; March : from 10am to 6pm
April ; May ; June : from 10am to 7pm
July ; August : from 9h30 to 20h
September : from 10am to 7pm
October ; November ; December : from 10am to 6pm


information on the accessibility of leisure activities
Handicap accessibility


Parking: Adapted parking space near the entrance.
Exterior: The pathway is level.
Building access: Entrance is via a freight elevator.
Reception desk: There are areas equipped and reserved for wheelchair users.
Interior accessibility: There is an elevator to access the various floors.
Seating areas: Seating areas are available throughout the site.
Pricing policy: There is a specific pricing policy for people with disabilities.
Equipment provided: Wheelchairs are available on loan.
Adapted signage: Adapted signage is available.
Special tours: Tactile tours are available.
Adapted sanitary facilities: Yes.

Contact for disability referral:
Mr Serge Gobbi,
+377 93 15 36 01.