The Villa Paloma, located in the heart of nature, offers a panoramic view of the ocean and its exotic garden. Discover the collections of the New National Museum of Monaco.

The Villa Paloma

Villa Paloma hosts temporary and eclectic exhibitions on contemporary art. The effect is the same for every visitor, whether you are passionate about art or just curious, this white villa is an invitation to contemplation in a refined place, a small green Monegasque lung not far from the Exotic Garden.
Each animation is designed to give you the keys to a better understanding of this contemporary period.


Culture side

The garden was designed by Octave Godard, a student of the famous landscape architect Edouard André, and the stained glass windows were created by the master glass artist Fassi Cadet of Nice ..
The villa is a legacy of the so-called Belle Époque period, one of the most beautiful patrician residences in the Principality.


The most 

- Reading room and access to a library and catalog of former exhibitions
- Museum lunch, table of contents and other family workshops
- Informal meetings, readings, music and other
- Only dedicated to temporary exhibitions