Come and discover the magic of nature through fun and educational activities.

The Parc des Cèdres de l'Aoubré, a century-old forest of 30 hectares classified as a Natural Zone. The Parc des Cèdres de l'Aoubré is the largest regional adventure park with various activities: tree climbing, discovery trails, farm and animal park. It also has a butterfly garden, unique in the Var, open air and with guided tours. The only park to discover the nature of Provence.

Fun trails

The Aoubré park suggests several paths located in the middle of the Mediterranean forest: educational paths, suspended sounds, bare feet, perfume garden...

Educational trails

A total of 4 trails are available to discover the landscape, the plants and animals and smell the scents of nature:

- The Botanical Trail
- The Aromatic Trail
- The Dye Trail
- The Bird Trail

An interesting discovery to understand biodiversity and how it is constructed with the influence of man.

Suspended Sound Paths

Throughout your walk, the Parc des Cèdres de l'Aoubré, allows you to develop your sense of rhythm.
Discover a series of percussion instruments in the paths of suspended sounds.
Through these percussion instruments made of stone, wood, bamboo, skins, clay and metal, you can follow the evolution of musical instruments thanks to man.

Sounds Trail - Aoubré Park

Suspended sounds trail © parc Aoubré

Barefoot trails

The Parc des Cèdres offers you an unusual 250m barefoot path to walk in peace and quiet and to enter into a symbiosis with nature.
Discover many sensations thanks to the earth, wood, sand, stone and bark!

Barefoot trail of Aoubré

A barefoot trail © parc Aoubré

Perfume garden

The century-old forest offers you a garden of fragrances to awaken your senses and smell the environment around you.

The plants at your disposal are plants adapted to the climate of the park. You will find many plants that are used in the perfume industry and that are the source of wealth for important perfume factories in the Grasse region.

Animal park and small farm

Aoubré offers you an exceptional nature park to discover different animal species.

Animal park

Several wild or domesticated animal species can be discovered in large parks:
Wild boars, the largest mammals in our forests.
Fallow deer.
Poitou donkeys and Provence donkeys that used to accompany shepherds.
Rove goats from Marseille.

The animal park of Aoubré

The Poitou bullocks © parc Aoubré

Small farm

The Parc des Cèdres de l'Aoubré raises farmyard animals in a small farm. Discover different species in the wild: hens and roosters, rabbits, sheep and goats, turkeys, guinea fowl and peacocks...

The farm of Aoubré

The farm © parc Aoubré


Take part in the orienteering race to discover the 30 hectares of the park. 24 markers are installed to represent the 24 discovery areas. They allow you to orientate yourself along the way.
An educational book is available to discover the biodiversity of the Mediterranean forest.

Butterfly Garden

Observe more than 90 species of butterflies and caterpillars in a 7000 m2 open-air garden. Admire the sumptuous shapes and colours of the main Mediterranean butterflies.
Learn how they work, how they reproduce and their essential relationship with the plant world.
Visit the butterfly garden and the 1,500 plants that accompany these species.

Duration of the guided tour: 1h30
Times: 10h30 - 14h -15h30

The Machaon in the butterfly garden - Aoubré

The machaon butterfly © parc Aoubré


The natural areas of Aoubré

Butterfly garden © parc Aoubré

Tree climbing course

Aoubré offers tree climbing courses for the whole family, beginners and experts alike. Experience new sensations in a unique cedar forest through 11 courses of increasing difficulty and 170 workshops. Take the height with the three large zip lines of 120, 180 and 200 meters!

For beginners: Le Geai course & Initiations course
small zip lines, trapper's ladder

For 4 to 7 year olds: Mowgli course
27 workshops (Tyrolean traverse, net tunnel, Tarzan jump...)

For 6 to 80 year olds: Blue Tit
18 workshops (Walking net, hanging ropes, vertical net...)

For 8 to 70 year olds:
Pic-vert: 14 workshops (suspended beam, monkey bridge, zip lines...)

Robin: 13 workshops (barrels, zip line, double zip line...)

The squirrel: 24 workshops (up and down zip line, indiana rope, trapezes...)

The black eagle: 23 workshops (roundabouts, Tarzan jumps, up and down zip lines...)

La tyrolienne des Cimes: monkey bridge, 120 m descending tyrolienne)

The Dream Trap: no-holds-barred course, net cage and zip line.

Accrobranche of Aoubré

Aoubré Park


Aoubré Nature Park

Aoubré Park

Rates & schedules


Individual park fees

3h tour + nature discovery day + nets + sensory trails 

Free for children under 3 years old.
Children 4 to 7 years old, over 1m05 (height): 13€50
Young people 8 to 11 years old, over 1m28: 18€50
Adults over 12 years old and over 1m48: 22€50

Nature discovery day + nets + sensory trails

Children from 3 years old: 6€
Children and young people from 4 to 11 years old, between 1m05 and 1m45: 8€
Adults over 12 years old, over 1m48: 10€

Aoubré also offers family and group rates.

Opening hours

Parc Aoubré
Open every day (weekends, public holidays, school holidays)
Open on Wednesday afternoons from April to September.
From 10am to 12pm and from 1pm to 6pm.

Butterfly Garden
Open daily from 10am to 12pm and from 1pm to 6pm.