Alpha, Parc animalier des loups

Located in Le Boréon, 8 km from the town of Saint-Martin Vésubie, in the heart of the Vésubie valley, the Alpha Park is located in the central zone of the Mercantour National Park, between 1,500 and 1,900 metres above sea level.

Museum space :
This animal park, also a museographic space, deals with the interactions between wolves and humans. With the help of the various observation points integrated into the Boréon forest, you will observe the 3 wolf packs that distinguish European wolves from Canadian wolves.

Multi-sensory shows :
Auguste the shepherd, Bastien the wolfman and Jean the ethologist will share with you their vision of the wolf, a mythical animal, during 3 multi-sensory shows.

Caregiver for a day:
The Alpha Park also offers you the opportunity to become a "Caretaker for a Day" only by reservation for one morning, a very privileged visit where the caretakers will make you discover their daily work as close as possible to the packs.

Implantation :
The Alpha Park site was not chosen at random. In fact, it was only a few kilometres from Le Boréon, in the Vallon de Mollières, that the first Italian wolves (Canis lupus italicus) were officially observed in 1992.

Accommodation and Restaurants - Activities around the park :
Comfortable furnished apartments with a capacity of between 2 and 5 people and ideally located, as well as two cabins perched at an altitude of 1600m, designed to accommodate 4 people, allow you to extend your stay at Le Boréon and enjoy all the outdoor activities of the resort depending on the season (hiking, climbing, horseback riding, trout fishing, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, sledding, etc.).
You can eat on the spot, either at the snack bar in the park or at the warm and friendly restaurant "l'Ô à la Bouche" located at the reception chalet of Parc Alpha.