Parfumerie Fragonard, enter the world of perfume tradition! The historic factory lets you follow the steps involved in creating a perfume, through various rooms, such as the distilling room, the conditioning room, the maceration room and the perfumer's organ.

At the end of the guided tour, you will be able to visit the museum of the Fragonard house, retracing more than 3,000 years of the history of perfume, jewels and art objects related to perfumery, but also a part dedicated to Provençal fabrics and jewelry.

How about completing the visit to the Fragonard Perfumery with an "Apprentice Perfumer" workshop? On the programme, discovery of raw materials and essences with the perfumer's organ, learning the vocabulary (top note, middle note and base note), awakening the senses and the possibility of creating your own eau de cologne. Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

La Parfumerie Fragonard

Located in Grasse, the historic Fragonard factory is a traditional production plant in operation since 1926.
In homage to the famous painter Jean-honoré Fragonard, the Perfumery took his name. It is still today a family house with ancestral know-how.

iStock - Fragonard perfumery

iStock - Fragonard perfumery

Schedules and Rates

Opening hours

Open daily from 9am to 6:45pm.
Visits are organized approximately every 30 minutes.
Last visit 1 hour before closing time.


Free guided tours.

Practical information

- free visit
- parking
- workshops and conferences on reservation
- shop (perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, scents, fabrics...)


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