Visit to the factory and museum

How is a perfume born? If you are wondering about this, come and visit the Maison Galimard!

Visit of the Galimard perfumery

Discover the Galimard perfumery in Grasse. Enjoy a free initiation to the secrets of perfume. The manufacturing process with the help of old machines, real museum pieces, will be explained to you.
An intoxicating and entertaining visit in the heart of this family business.


Perfume creation

You have the possibility to create your own perfume, with the fragrance studio. A perfume organ with 34 tubes, real jewels of scents, awaits you.


Culture side 

Let's give back to Galimard the primacy of the art of perfume... 270 years ago, the first perfumer of Grasse launched the international reputation of Grasse as the capital of perfume. In the past, Grasse was an ancient city of master gantier. Jean de Galimard was the first to have the idea of dipping his gloves in baths perfumed with the scents of the gardens in order to soften the bad odors caused by the tannery. Thanks to this Provencal garden, lavender, myrtle, jasmine, rose, wild orange blossom or mimosa, he built a name, that of Galimard, by manufacturing his own perfumes and scented gloves. The industry of Grasse was born, and so was the Galimard perfumery.


The most 

- online store for perfume and other beauty products made from flowers
- fragrance workshop
- museum space
- store in Èze near Nice