Want to know how a perfume is made? The Molinard house, with its 5 generations of know-how, will answer your questions with a free guided tour.

The Parfumeur Créateur Grassois is recognized as a Living Heritage Company. Take a fascinating guided tour of its exceptional heritage. Play at creating perfume in the workshop. Choose among 5 workshops. Leave with your own personalized perfume creation. An original experience for children and adults alike.
Finally, discover the creations of the Molinard perfumery in its store.

Visit to the Molinard Museum

Have you ever wondered how a perfume is made? The Molinard Museum gives you the answer through a guided tour in its museum. 

With 5 generations of know-how, discover the steps and tools needed to create a perfume. Watch the production of Molinard soaps.

Leisure activities in the vicinity


Stages of the visit 

  • Selection of raw materials
    The manufacture of the perfume begins with the selection of the raw materials. Molinard carefully selects its high quality ingredients, mainly from Grasse and from all over the world.
  • Molinard's secret metal distiller
    The essence of the raw materials is extracted thanks to an immense metal distillation unit. A vintage structure designed by Gustave Eiffel. You will learn the different techniques of extraction of natural materials.
  • The laboratory
    Once the essence is obtained, the next step is the composition of the perfume. All the talent of the perfumer is expressed in this laboratory of the 30s.
  • The maceration tanks
    Once the composition of the perfume is finished, the time of the maceration has come. The perfume must rest in specific vats before bottling. The duration varies according to the fragrances. You will observe in the workshop, a large convoluted structure used for the creation of perfume.
  • Watch the making of Molinard soap
    The House of Molinard manufactures its own soaps. Watch the production of soaps made with vegetable oil. Your sense of smell and your senses will be awakened thanks to a wide range of perfumes and colors used.
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Collections of bottles signed by master glassmakers such as René Lalique, Baccarat... are to be seen in the Molinard museum.

Visit of the Molinard Perfumery

Molinard Perfumery in Grasse

Make your own perfume

For the more creative, reserve your place in Molinard's tarinology workshop. A truly unforgettable experience!
Create your own soaps and perfumes from 90 fragrances and take them home with you.
Discover the ingredients, secrets and manufacturing process of your favorite essences. The experts will be on hand to answer all your questions.


5 perfume creation workshops are offered in the workshop. For children from 4 years old and adults, Molinard offers several workshops:

Fragrance Bar

To create your fragrance in a few steps: 3 bases, 6 notes, 30ml bottle.
Duration of the workshop: 20 minutes.
Price : from 30€ onwards
Spoken languages : French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.
Book online the fragrance bar on GRASSE.


Molinard Perfumery and its fragrances

Perfume creation at the perfumery


Le Petit Parfumeur, for children aged 4 to 8

Fun workshop to compose a perfume around 18 essences according to your preferences.
It is possible to celebrate your children's birthday during this workshop.
After having composed the perfume, the children can personalize their favorite bottle and add a sticker of their choice.
An unusual activity to celebrate your children's birthday with their friends.

Duration of the workshop: 20 minutes
Price: from 30€
Languages spoken in Nice: French - English
Languages spoken in Grasse: French, German, English, Spanish, Italian.
Book online the little perfumer in GRASSE or in NICE

Engine research

The discovery workshop, from 10 years old

Create your own perfume around 40 essences. Accompanied by an expert to guide you.
Duration of the workshop: 45 minutes
Price : from 30€ onwards
Spoken languages: French - English
Book online the little perfumer in NICE.

Classic Perfume Workshop, for people over 12 years old

Create your own custom-made perfume with a perfume organ.
A perfumed palette of 90 essences to compose the 50ml bottle of your desires.
An original gift to celebrate Mother's Day or Grandmother's Day and share beautiful moments.
Duration of the workshop: 60 minutes
Price : from 69€ onwards
Languages spoken at the workshop in Nice : French, English, Russian.
Languages spoken at the workshop in Grasse : French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.
Book online the classic perfumes workshop in GRASSE or in NICE

Prestige workshop, for people from 12 years old

Create your own perfume in the ultimate luxury around 100 essences.
A private session with a glass of champagne, refreshments and mignardises.
Leave with your 90ml bottle, a funnel and a bag spray in a box.
Duration of the workshop: 2 hours
Price : from 199€ onwards
Languages spoken in Grasse : French - English
Languages spoken in Nice : French - English - Russian
Book online the Prestige Workshop in GRASSE or in NICE

For group bookings, please contact


History of the Molinard family

The enchanting world of Molinard Parfums is a story that spans time and generations with unrivalled passion! Discover the fascinating faces of the perfume saga, a succession of 5 generations who have given life to extraordinary creations, year after year.

The 1st Generation - Albert Sittler
Albert Sittler, the pioneer, opened the doors of Bastide Molinard, marking the beginning of a new industrial era. Joining forces with Hyacinthe Molinard, the alchemist of Grasse, he transformed the Molinard boutique in 1900 into a magnificent Provencal mansion, thus writing the first pages of the House of Molinard.

The 2nd Generation - Henri Bénard
Henri Bénard, the chemist and mayor of Grasse, was behind legendary olfactory innovations such as Habanita, the first feminine oriental in 1921, and Le Concreta, the world's very first solid perfume, created from natural flower wax.
An avant-garde perfumer who left his mark on the history of French perfumery.

The 3rd Generation - Pierre Lerouge-Bénard
Pierre Lerouge-Bénard, the raw materials expert, extended Molinard's influence by creating the Méro-Boyveau factory, specialized in flavors and ingredients for the perfume industry.
From flower picking to bottling, Molinard has embraced the entire perfume chain to offer unforgettable creations.

The 4th Generation - Jean-Pierre Lerouge-Bénard
Jean-Pierre Lerouge-Bénard, a forerunner in personalization, has opened the doors of creativity to the general public with four exciting workshops: l'Atelier des Parfums, le Bar des Fragrances, la Villa du Parfumeur and le Petit Parfumeur.
A unique opportunity to create your own perfume, an experience not to be missed!

The 5th Generation - Célia Lerouge-Bénard 

The arrival of the 5th generation was marked by Célia Lerouge-Bénard, the feminine incarnation of this family heritage.
She breathed new life into Habanita, restoring its timeless aura while exploring new olfactory territories.
A perfumery of voluptuousness and lightness, conveying love and memories, making Célia the first woman in five generations to lead the House of Molinard.

Smell, explore, create, and let yourself be carried away by the magic of this house, where the love of fragrance is passed down from generation to generation, just like the scent of childhood that still floats in our secret garden.


Find the stores 

In Grasse

In the museum, you will find collections of handmade soaps, candles, colognes, perfumes including the famous Habanita...

Boutique Molinard le Vieux-Grasse : 16 place aux aires - Grasse
Molinard's boutique museum : 60 boulevard Victor Hugo - Grasse

Contact : 04 93 66 51 71 or by mail on

In Nice

Located at the entrance of the Old Nice. Workshops are offered for children and adults: Bar des Fragrances, tarinology workshop...
From Monday to Saturday: 10am-1pm and 2pm-7pm.

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Opening hours

Open all year round, from 9.30am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm.


Practical information 

Molinard Museum in Grasse

Free admission
Free guided tours every 20 minutes.
Allow 25 minutes for the visit. Last visit, 1 hour before closing time.

Access to Grasse

Free parking, located in front of the Maison Molinard.
Accessibility for PMR and strollers.