Ski slope of Gréolières-Les-Neiges

Ski resort

Gréolières les Neiges is a family-friendly ski resort. It is the 1st Nordic ski resort in the Alpes-Maritimes.
The ski area offers 30 km of runs in a forest of Scots pine.

For snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and skating, itineraries are proposed.
They are accessible to beginners or experienced skiers.

The French Ski School (ESF) provides ski and snowboard instructors.
For children and adults, the ESF offers group or private lessons.

After skiing, there are plenty of activities on offer.
Enjoy the Planetarium, night-time hiking, horse-drawn carriage safaris, sleigh rides and snowshoeing.


Gréolières ski area


Gréolières les Neiges is the family ski resort of the French Riviera.
It is located 30 minutes from Grasse in the heart of the Cheiron massif.
Enjoy the 25 slopes for family skiing, with a 360° panoramic view at the top of the slopes:

- 30 km of slopes
- 25 slopes : 2 black, 12 red, 7 blue, 4 green.
- 1 carpet, 1 snow line, 7 ski lifts, 1 chairlift, 76 snow cannons.

Leisure activities in the vicinity

Ski pass prices


Prices during school holidays

Day ski pass:
Adults: 24 €
Children under 12: 17

Half-day ski pass:
Adults: 19 €
Children under 12: 14 €

Prices outside school holidays

Day ski pass:
Adults: 20 €
Children under 12: 15

Half-day ski pass:
Adults: 16 €
Children under 12: 13 €

Children under 5 years old: Free
Senior citizens over 75 years old: Free*.

The packages are free for children under 5 and over 75 years old.
If you wish to take out insurance, you must add 3 euros per person in addition to the package.
*On presentation of an ID card.

For more information, contact 04 93 24 37 72

Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing, skating

The leading Nordic ski site in the Alpes-Maritimes with 30 km of runs.
A magical activity in the heart of the Cheiron pine forest.

All you have to do is choose between skating and cross-country skiing.

5 ski runs in the Nordic Centre

Skating ring with a distance of 2 km

  • Le Collet with a distance of 2 km
  • La Brasque with a distance of 6.5 km
  • Suy par le Vallon with a distance of 12 km
  • Suy by Anc-Chemin with a distance of 9 km
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Prices for the ski slopes of the domain

Full day ski pass:
Ski pass rates for the Domaine
Adults: 9 €
Children under 12 years: 6 €

Large family
Adult: €7.50
Children under 12: €5

Half-day ski pass:
Adults: 7.50 €
Children under 12: 5€.

If you wish to take out an insurance policy, you will need to add 3 euros per person to the package.
For more information contact 04 93 24 37 72

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Snowshoe hiking

The snowshoeing activity is accessible to all.
The resort offers different routes for families or friends, whether you are a beginner or an expert.
Do not hesitate to call a guide to accompany you.

CRT Côte d'Azur France/ Georges VERAN

Discover 6 snowshoeing itineraries

Loop of the Peonies WEST.
Forest and glade itinerary where you walk on a large path accessible to all.
Starting from the door 1 :
- Course 2,5 km
- Level 150 meters
- Duration 1h30

Loop of the Pivoines EAST.
Forest itinerary that follows a path that is sometimes slightly sloping.
Starting from the door 2 :
- Course 2,5 km
- Difference in height 170 meters
- Duration 1h30

Leisure activities in the vicinity

Combination of the two loops EAST & WEST.
100% in the forest (ubac des Pivoines) or 100% on the trail (Adret des Pivoines) or mixed in a cross loop "8".
Starting from gates 1 & 2
- Course 4,5 km
- Difference in altitude 50 meters
- Duration 2h45 round trip

Departure Gate 2 to reach the Croix de Verse.
Panorama 360° on the coast and the Massif of Mercantour.
- Route 8 km
- Difference in altitude 425 meters
- Duration 5h

Alternative route Porte 2 Croix de Verse, le Jérusalem, Porte 2.
Plan des Baumettes loop 360° panorama of the coastline and Mercantour Massif.
- Route 9 km
- Elevation gain 425 m
- Duration 4h30

Crest itinerary for experienced climbers.
Route of crest for the connection between the 5 summits:

- le Ht Cheiron,
- la Cime,
- le Jas,
- le Jérusalem
- la Croix de Verse.

Itinerary off the beaten track, always on a slight slope below the ridge.
Panorama 360° on the coast and the Massif of Mercantour.
- Route 12 km
- Difference in altitude 604 meters
Duration 7h

Safety tips for hiking

Check the weather forecast before leaving.

  • Do not leave later than 2:30 p.m. for long routes.
  • Do not leave alone or indicate your route and approximate time of return.
  • Respect nature.
  • Have warm clothes to face a winter climate even in summer.

Mountain Guides

Jean-Maurice Ollivier, mountain guide, will accompany you in complete safety.
He will make you discover the fauna and the flora of the station.
Contact him at 06 61 93 10 51 or by mail


Samuel Breton, mountain guide, specialized in Nordic walking.
Contact him at 06 73 87 12 79 or by mail

Frédéric Devésa, mountain guide and botanist, will accompany you and share his knowledge.
Contact him at 06 16 86 41 03 or by mail

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ESF Ski School, courses, information

Ski lessons from 3 to 5 years

The Piou-Piou Club welcomes your children from 3 to 5 years old in group lessons.
The kindergarten is built to facilitate learning to ski.
Equipped with a conveyor belt, your children can make their first glides.

Equipment and security consulting

Remember to properly equip and protect your child: gloves, glasses, sunscreen.

Be careful, wearing a helmet is mandatory!

For a better management of your children, please do not equip them with ski poles, backpacks, après-ski.

Remember to book Esf Greolieres Les Neiges : 04 93 59 70 03

At the end of the week, your little ones will receive their medal.

Discover the Piou-Piou medals :
- Piou-Piou
- Blanchot
- Sifflote
- Garolou
- Ourson
- Flocon
- 1ere étoile ...

Group courses for children

Ideal to begin its first glides, the ESF proposes you group lessons.
A team of professionals is at your service, in complete safety.
The pupils evolve throughout their lessons.
At the end of the week, the instructors reward you with a medal:

- 1st, 2nd and 3rd star.
- The gold arrow.
- The chamois.
- The rocket.
- The record.
- The skiecross.
- The Jump.
- The bronze, silver, vermeil, gold ski.
- Bronze, silver and gold star.

Private lessons for adults and children

Private lessons in alpine skiing and snowboarding are offered.
The French ski school has English speaking instructors.
Do not hesitate to register in advance.

Opening of the ESF offices

School holidays: from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
Outside school holidays: from 9 am to 5 pm
ESF Gréolières website
04 93 59 70 03

CRT Côte d'Azur France/ Georges VERAN

The Monts d'Azur reserve

In the heart of the Pre-Alps natural park, observe the fauna by snowshoe or sled.
Discover 700 hectares of reserve where European bison, deer, elk, wild boar and Przewalski horses live.
Activity to do with family or friends.
If you feel like staying longer, you can eat or sleep on site.

The reserve offers 2 ways to discover its wild world under the snow.

A guided snowshoe safari

1h30 snowshoe hike: follow the tracks of wild animals.
Please dress warmly. Snowshoeing equipment is provided.
Children under 6 years old are not allowed.

Prices for guided snowshoe safari 

Children from 6 to 11 years old: 15 euros
Adolescents from 12 to 17 years old: 22,50 euros
Adults: 24,50 euros

A safari by sleigh, carriage

45 minutes of safari sledding, horse-drawn carriage.
Don't forget to bring boots and a warm coat!

Prices Safari Sled Pack 

Children from 2 to 11 years old: 17 euros
Teenagers from 12 to 17 years old: 24 euros
Adults: 27 euros
Children under 2 years old: free

The Planetarium is a fun activity

Under an inflatable dome, discover the universe.
Jean Maurice OLIVIER, an astronomy enthusiast, takes you on a journey into space. From the formation of the stars to the conquest of space, touch the universe with your fingertips.
Everyone can participate.

Duration: 1 hour
Adult rate: 10 euros
Child rate: 8 euros

Book on : 07 63 52 49 89

Unusual night hike

A night hike to admire the International Dark Sky Reserve!
Depart from the resort before sunset.
After an hour and a half walk, come and admire the stars with a telescope at the top of Cheiron.
Equipped with headlamps, your guide Jean-Maurice, on the way back, will tell you the legends of the constellations.

Did you know that?

The sky of the Alpes Azur Mercantour is a reserve with the International Dark Sky Reserve (RICE) label.
It has a unique starry sky of nearly 3000 stars.
This label is a commitment to reduce light pollution and protect the night sky.

What to bring:
- Waterproof walking shoes and snowshoes (depending on snow conditions)
- backpack
- picnic
- water bottle
- warm clothes.

Adults: 15 euros
Children: 12 euros
Book on: 07 63 52 49 89 or

Restaurants in the resort

In the heart of Gréolières we have selected a few restaurants.

1. Le Relai
2. La Vieille Auberge
3. La Barricade
4. La réserve des Monts d' Azur 04 93 60 00 78

CRT Côte d'Azur France/ Georges VERAN

Equipment hire, ski, surf ...

There are several ski rental companies in the resort.

Tel :

Tel :

La Maison du Fondeur
Tel :

A word of advice: during school periods, think about renting your equipment before you leave.

Where to stay?

We offer 2 locations:

The Monts d'Azur reserve
04 93 60 00 78
09 65 03 49 68

Chalet ALPINA Hôtel & Spa
Restaurant L'Alsace en Provence
04 92 11 07 07
06 70 03 92 83

How to get to the station?

By car
From Nice, the resort is accessible by car in less than an hour.
Take the A8 exit Cagnes sur Mer.
D6, D3 and D2 towards D802 to Gréolières.

By bus
From the Grasse train station, a bus, line 512, is in service for the winter season.