Aiguille du val d' allos

Ski resort - Espace Lumière

Ski resort opens on December 16, 2023!
With the resorts of Pra loup and Le Seignus, and La Foux you can ski on the Espace Lumière with 114 runs.
La Foux d'Allos is packed with leisure activities for young and old alike.

La Foux d'Allos opens its doors from December 10 to March 26, 2023.
On the ski area you'll find ski itineraries, hiking trails and secure freeride sectors.
To keep you entertained, the resort has created a number of fun and playful runs.
Beginners or experienced skiers and snowboarders can contact the ESF to perfect their technique.
For people with reduced mobility, Cap Verdon and Handiski offer tandem skiing.

The resort offers a variety of activities such as sledding on rails, driving a snow groomer, dog sledding, snow scooters dog sledding, snow scooters ...
And if you want to have your children looked after you have everything on the spot daycare, club ...
Paradise for parents and children!


Station opening 2023/2024

Forecast opening dates for ski resorts (* opening dates are subject to snow and sanitary conditions)

- Val d'Allos l'Espace Lumière : from December 16, 2023 to April 7, 2024
- Val d'Allos - le Seignus: from December 16, 2023 to March 25, 2024

Early opening on the weekend of December 9 and 10 (weekends only), if snow conditions are favorable.

Val d'Allos ski area

La Foux d'Allos is located in one of the largest ski areas in France: the Espace Lumière.
The Espace Lumière is composed of 45 ski lifts and 114 ski runs.
This domain links the valleys of Val d' Allos and Pra Loup.

Located in the Mercantour National Park, the Val d'Allos includes 2 resorts:

  • La Foux d'Allos
  • The Seignus

The resort of La Foux d'Allos offers 800 meters of vertical drop, located at an altitude of 1800 meters.
Its ski area is composed of 41 ski slopes:

  • 4 black runs ,
  • 14 red trails,
  • 20 blue trails
  • 3 green trails.

In the ski lifts you have chairlifts, ski lifts and conveyor belts.

did you know that

The slopes of La Foux d'Allos join those of Pra-Loup.
This gives you a larger ski area.

The map of the ski area

The Val d' Allos, a domain with 2 sister resorts 7 kilometers apart.

Download the map below by clicking here: 

La foux d' allos les pistes

Map of the slopes of the Val d'Allos domain


The Val d'Allos, the space of light

It includes the ski areas of Seignus, La Foux and Pra Loup.
It represents 45 ski lifts 114 tracks

The Seignus

The ski area located at 15 minutes drive from la foux, offers 900 meters of vertical drop with its :
10 lifts
24 slopes

La Foux - Pra Loup

The ski area offers you 800 meters of vertical drop with its:
35 lifts
90 runs


The SkiZZZ Fun trails

The resort has created different fun ski runs for all levels. They are called the SkiZZZZ trails.

Ani-Crocket, for nature lovers
Discover the Ani-crocket trail, created in partnership with the Mercantour National Park, to discover the fauna of La Foux.

Forest Jump, for the fans of freestyle and freeride
Direction the track Forest jump, this track is located in the forest.
Discover a track composed of turns and bumps.
Accessible to all, you just have to adapt your speed.

Eureka Quiz, for fans of sports and culture
First of all go to the tourist office to get the questionnaire.
During your descent answer the questions.
At the end, go to the tourist office, a reward awaits you if you have the right answers.

Banked Slalom, for turn fans
The resort has created the Banked slalom run for you to take off at full speed.
It's the ideal place to improve your technique.

Snowball, for the whole family and the little ones
This trail is a real fun run for children, where you can slide and have fun at the same time.
A souvenir photo with Snowball and Ribouldingue awaits you at the end.

Securi Skizz, learn safety on the slopes
Discover and learn the signs, markings and safety on the ski slopes.

For snowpark fans
Snowood is a natural snowpark to be done in surf or on skis.

ESF Ski lessons for adults and children

The French Ski School is located in the heart of the resort.

The ESF offers a multitude of activities around skiing:

  • Group classes for 2 year olds with his Club piou-piou
  • Group classes for 6 to 12 years old and for teens from 13 years old.
  • Private lessons from 2 years old,
  • Itinerary discoveries for adults
  • Off-track
  • Ski touring
  • Paragliding and Sspeed Riding

There is something for all ages and all levels you choose ESF website link >
Contact the ESF : 04 92 83 81 64

Ski touring

For ski touring enthusiasts, you have the Escapade itinerary.
Start at the foot of the Col d'Allos road and climb to the Vescal summit.
This route remains a mountain area under your responsibility.
For your safety: DVA, shovel, probe are still required.
Open at the same time as the ski areas.

ESF can provide mountain guides if you wish.
From 150 € for 2 people > 3 hours of ski touring
Find out more and book > HERE


Secure off-piste, freeride

The ski area offers secure freeride areas such as :

  • At the top of the Observatory at 2.600 meters the run of the 3 Events
  • At the head of Vescal you have the descent of the eagle direction Les Cours
  • At the head of Sestrière, you have next to Pouret the runs Génépy and Buse
  • At the top of the Gros Tapy summit at 2.374 meters the descent of the Combe Léo Lacroix

The ESF has instructors on hand to help you discover the resort's best spots.
From €30 per person for 3 hours off-piste
Find out more and book > HERE



Handiski, slide with Tandem Ski

With the Cap Verdon association, you have the possibility to ski in a bucket seat with harness.
Your guide, approved by the French Federation of Handisport, has followed a specific training.
With this transport device you can slide everywhere even on the blacks!

The tandem ski is put in a 3 to 6 seat chairlift.
You get on with your guide and off you go!
With your family or friends, with your guide, discover or rediscover the sensations of skiing.

The association Cap Verdon has only 3 tandem-ski, do not hesitate to book!

Contact 07 87 38 38 65 or

Tandem ski rates

La Foux d'Allos : 75 €
Le Seignus : 70

The rates include:
Provision of equipment: tandem-ski, cold weather blanket;
Lift passes (pilots and passengers);
Provision of a trained pilot.

Winter ski pass rates

On each package you have to add 3 euros.
This supplement concerns the purchase of the obligatory card support.
This support can be kept and is rechargeable without limitation.

Winter 2022/2023 rates for the Espace Lumière (excluding insurance)

Ski areas > Le Seignus + La Foux + Pra Loup

Day package
Adults from 18 to 64 years old : 43,50 €
Children from 5 to 17 years old : 36,50€
Children under 5 years old : FREE*
Adults over 75 years old : FREE *
Reduced rate : 36,50 €**

* The pass is free but you still have to collect it to get to the lifts.
**For students from 18 to 25 years old, and seniors from 65 to 74 years old on presentation of a proof.

5-day package
Adults aged 18 to 64: €190.50
Children aged 5 to 17: €161.50
Reduced rate : 161,50 €**

**For students from 18 to 25 years old, and seniors from 65 to 74 years old with proof of age.

Après-ski activities


The resort offers multiple activities; Discover the different leisure activities below:

  • Sleigh ride
  • Snow Scooter Ride
  • Quad tour for kids
  • Driving a snow groomer!
  • Rail sledding: Verdon Express
  • Snake Gliss Sledding

Sleigh ride

Enjoy a dog sled ride and discover the forests of the Val d'Allos.
2 sled rides are offered:

  • the seated baptism, where you are guided by a musher (the piloting of the team). The husky pack will accompany you alone or in pairs.
    An unusual ride is accessible from 2 years old.
  • Drive your carriage for 30 minutes. From 8 years old, you can do this activity. Helmets are mandatory for drivers.

Baptism rates
Duration is 20 to 30 minutes
Children under 10: €25
Over 10: €40
If you are alone: €60

Prices for "Driving a carriage"
Duration: 30 minutes + 15 minutes explanation
Children under 12: €40
Over 12: €55

Night baptism rates
Children under 10: €60
Children over 10: €90

Contact Passion Traineau, Tony and Laureen :
at or on


Snow Scooter Ride

When the slopes close, go for a ride on a snow scooter.
Departure at 5:30 pm, driving explanations and a briefing are given to you.
Alone or with 2 people on the scooter, you are supervised by a guide.
On the program, crossing the undergrowth, the trails, and the slopes, Les Plaines, L' Aiguille and La Tardet.
At the top of the slopes, you will enjoy the last rays of the sun.

2 itineraries are proposed to you:

  • 20 to 25 minutes ride: 65 euros/scooter
  • 40 to 50 minutes ride : 120 euros/scooter (1 or 2 persons)

For the drivers, the B license is mandatory.
Minimum age of the driver : 18 years old.
Minimum height : 1 meter 25.

Don't forget to book! Contact the 06 16 95 50 52

Quad tour for kids

Let your children discover the first sensations of driving on snow.
The crazy park is a secure quad circuit.
Choose your machine adapted to the size of your children:

  • quad bikes
  • karts
  • snowmobiles

The minimum age requirement is 3 years old, maximum 14 years old.
If your little ones are more adventurous, larger quads are available for them accompanied by an adult.

Opening hours
During school vacations:
Daily 10:30am-1pm and 2pm-7pm

Outside school vacations only on:
Wednesdays from 2pm to 6pm
Saturdays from 10:30am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm
Sundays from 10:30am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm.

Crazy Park Rates

Child alone :
- 1 ticket 12 minutes 10€
Child accompanied by an adult :
- 1 ticket 12 minutes 15€
- Card of 6 tickets : 50

Contact Crazy Park at 06 98 48 28 31

Driving a snow groomer!

Activities to understand the world of slope grooming on board a groomer.
The ski lift company proposes several offers:

Driving a snow groomer, a unique experience!
You have the privilege of driving the "Bully" groomer for 45 minutes
Bully Drive option from 50 euros

Sunset aboard the snow groomer!
Ride along the slopes as a duo in a snow groomer, heading off into the sunset with the
Un snow groomer for a toast.
Bully Sunset option from 90 euros

Admire the panoramas of the Val d'Allos, with friends or family!
Aboard a 14-person groomer, explore the panoramas of the Val d'Allos as the terrain moves.
Bully Explo option: 19 euros

Discover the groomer's job.
For 1 hour on board a groomer, you'll learn all about the job and the behind-the-scenes aspects of grooming, so that the slopes no longer hold any secrets for you.
Bully discovery option from 30 euros.

To complete your experience on the station:

The secrets of snow: 5 €
Every Thursday at 3pm, learn everything about snow making and grooming.

The open ski run: 5 €
Open the slopes in the morning accompanied by the ski patrol.

Out of school vacations: Saturdays only
During school vacations: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.

For all registrations and information: 0492838144.

Snake Gliss Sledding

Go down 3 kilometers of track on linked sleds. An activity to do with a group of people that is fun for young and old.

Duration: 45 minutes.
Price : 15 € per person.
Minimum age : 8 years old.

Contact : 0492836018

Rail sledding: Verdon Express

On the snow front, enjoy 995 meters of rail sledding, for a thrilling attraction between acceleration and hairpin turns.

Discover the rail luge, an attraction with guaranteed sensations:

  • 330 meters of ascent
  • 665 meters of descent
  • hairpin turns
  • jumps, flip-flaps

Rendezvous at the foot of the Col d'Allos, for a safe descent to be done in family.
Children, from 3 to 7 years old included, and less than 1m25, must be accompanied.

Rate of the descent :

Adults: 5 euros
Children from 3 to 11 years old included: 2,50 €
Good plan: Booklets of 6 or 12 are proposed to you to benefit from discounts.

For more information : 04 92 83 81 44



The daycare ''Les Pitchounets

Ella welcomes your children from the age of 15 months* to 6 years.
*need to be able to walk

Day (8h) : 30 € or 6h (25€)
Half day : 25 €
2 hours : 15 €
4 hours : 20 €
Hourly rate : 7,50

Decreasing rates are possible (on certain formulas) from the 7th day.
Contact : 04 92 83 86 55

Winnie-the-Pooh Recreation Center 

Around creative, playful and artistic activities your children will enjoy themselves throughout the day.

From 3 years old to 12 years old.
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
Spaces are limited, and require a registration file made 7 days in advance.

For 5 consecutive days, 10% discount.

ESF and daycare packages

The ESF and the ''Winnie the Pooh'' leisure center have set up the Relais Ski* service.
It allows to take care of your children all day long, with on the one hand ski lessons provided by the ESF and its instructors, and on the other hand the leisure center which takes care of your children once the lessons are over.

  • Ski relay and day at the leisure center: 35€*.
  • Ski relay and morning or afternoon at the leisure center: 25€*.
  • Day with meal provided by parents: 30€*.

*The Relais Ski formula is only valid in winter.

For reservations and more information: 0492839605.

Leisure Activities crush

Where to eat on the slopes?

In the resort, about twenty restaurants welcome you, including three restaurateurs on the slopes to find something to eat:

Restaurant ''Le Parapente

Discover a Mediterranean and regional cuisine on the slopes of the Aiguille and Plateau
Book 0650233619

Snack ''Altiplano

Fast food on the slopes of the Aiguille and Plateau
Book 0681951349.

Snack bar ''La Séolane

Savory and sweet fast food on the slopes of Ubac and La Forêt Reserve 0629164110.

Ski equipment rental

Often located in the center of the resort, discover the list of rental stores. You have the choice between daily or weekly rental of different materials such as for :

  • skiing, telemarking
  • surfing, monoskiing
  • snooc : The snooc is the association of a sled and a ski, an original activity to discover the snow in a different way.
  • snowscoot, splitboard
  • snowshoes, sledges ...

There is something for everyone. Save time by reserving your equipment by phone.

In La Foux, discover the list of ski and hiking equipment rental companies:

- Plein Sud Skiset > 04 92 83 62 54
- Top ski Skimium > 04 92 83 85 62
- Les Balcons du soleil Skiset > 04 92 83 41 84
- Snow shop 1850 des Étoiles > 04 92 83 81 39
- Intersport > 04 92 83 83 04
- Lantelme Sports skiset > 04 92 83 80 09
- Gravier Sports Labrau Sport 2000 > 04 92 83 53 04
- Intersport Val Benoit > 04 92 83 83 04
- Chez Marcel Skiset > 04 92 83 80 76

In Seignus here is the list of ski rental companies ...

- l'orée du bois > 04 92 83 01 57
- sports Sport Way > 04 92 83 03 59
- Hors Pistes Sports skiset > 04 92 83 03 96
- Espace Fun Skimium > 04 92 83 02 12

Where to sleep?

Hotels, chalets, bed and breakfast, for a long stay or during a weekend, several accommodations are available in the resort.

- Hôtel*** du Hameau > 0492838226
- Hôtel** le Sestrière > 0492838170
- Hôtel** la Source > 0492838411
- Hôtel le Toukal > 0492838276
- Bed and Breakfast - Les cazots de La Baïta > 0772388214
- Bed and Breakfast - La Ferme > 0492830476



How to get to the station?

By car

From Nice take the RD202 towards Grenoble, pass by Puget Thénier and St André les Alpes.
In St André take the RD908 towards Val d'Allos (127 kilometers).
Electricity terminals are available in the resort, at the entrance of the central parking.

IMPORTANT : the Col d'Allos is closed from November to May.

By train and bus

Take the train at the Chemin de fer de provence station from Nice or Digne-les-Bains to the Thorame station.
The ZOU bus makes the relay until the ski resort