All year round, board the train des Pignes for an original excursion between Nice and the Alpes de Haute Provence.

Discover all the authentic charms of the middle and high country, as you've never seen them before. The Train des Pignes runs through the heart of nature, along the banks of the Var and through extraordinary forests.
Throughout the year, take advantage of our themed trains and steam courses to discover the hinterland in a whole new way.

Come aboard the Train des Pignes

Embark on a journey through the hinterland of Nice. From the county of Nice to the Haute Provence passing by the border town of Entrevaux and the land of Annot. Your journey by train des Pignes ends in Le Fugeret, at an altitude of more than 800 meters. Discover 4 villages during a day rich in history.


Your departure will be in the town of Puget-Théniers! Once a border town between the Kingdom of France and the County of Savoy, it is the centre of the middle Var valley. When visiting this town, you will discover its 13th century Romanesque church and a very pretty descent of the cross. In the village square, you will find the statue of Maillol "l'action enchaînée" donated by Georges Clémenceau in 1909.
As for sport, there is a multitude of activities to do! For nature lovers, go to the famous Via Ferrata. There is also tennis, rafting, canoeing, swimming and hiking. All in all, a great day out, full of sport and history!


Discover this charming fortified town. This village was also a border town for 472 years between France and Piedmont. Today it offers tourists the possibility to visit it with a tourist guide. Your guide will tell you more about the history and heritage of Entrevaux. This site will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Stage of the train des pignes

Entrevaux - The medieval village


This medieval village is famous for its climbing site in the heart of the Annot sandstone!
Classified as a "Station Verte de Vacances" (Green Holiday Resort), you will be able to stroll in its natural site, which is very popular with tourists. Annot is also rich of its soil and its traditions.

Events in Annot:
the feast of Saint Fortunat : it takes place at Pentecost, in May. The village finds itself in the Napoleonic era. Parades of the brass band, torchlight retreat, burning of the bridge, dances, fireworks, funfair.
The Folklore festival or the Provencal festival: These 2 festivals take place each year and always in July. It is a festival of parade of traditional costumes and dance.


Continue your journey to Le Fugeret. Famous for its chestnut groves, this village is situated at an altitude of over 800 metres. Stroll through the cobbled streets of this village with its extraordinary charm. With your family or even with friends, discover Fugeret, a village steeped in history.

Theme trains

A unique and unforgettable ride for the nostalgic or the curious! Throughout the year, the Train des Pignes offers themed trains. On the occasion of the Fête de la Musique, the Journée du Patrimoine, Halloween or the Fête des Châtaignes, enjoy a historical journey in a lively atmosphere!
The journey takes place on certain occasions of the year, with certain themed trips between Puget-Théniers and Le Fugeret, passing through Entrevaux, and Annot
Beware, the smoke is starting to escape, settle down on the wooden benches, "choo, choo" and let's go for a magical trip with family or friends!

Steam course

And why not do an internship with the Train des Pignes for a complete immersion? Throughout the year, learn all the secrets of the mechanic's job at the controls of a train such as the Trains des Pignes. An interesting and above all very impressive world!

1 day package
- Annual fee
- Railway safety training
- Lunch with the team

2-day package
- Annual fee
- Railway safety training
- Breakfast and lunch with the team
- Dinner at the restaurant
- Night at the hotel " Les Alizés " in Puget-Théniers
- 1 free ticket for the accompanying person

Rates and Services

Prices Steam course

1 day package: 140€
2 day package: 350


- Free excursions with a train/meal/village stop package
- "Chemin de fer de Provence" application
- Reservation required