Don't miss France's longest zip line!
Just 1 hour from Nice, in the heart of the Mercantour, take to the skies and reach speeds of up to 130km/h.

An experience that you can do in summer or winter and to share with two or solo.
2 different departures: one for speed fans and one for panoramic fans.
This sensational attraction will make you take off in every sense of the word!

The largest zip line in France

A flight of 2,663 meters with a top speed of 130km/h!
Lying head first in the superman position, you fly over the resort and its lakes in complete safety.
Experience a magical moment filled with strong emotions, for two or solo.
In summer, discover a lush green landscape.
In winter, the mountain landscape is covered in a blanket of white, giving you a completely different experience.
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2 routes, one flight

Course for speed fans

Line 1: A descent of 1879 meters on an average slope of 13.5%, going up to 130km/h.
300 meters of difference in altitude, departure at 1776 meters and arrival at 1526 meters of altitude. 

Course for panorama fans

Line 2 : A 784m descent on an average slope of 6.5%.
About 100m of difference in altitude, departure at 1526 meters and arrival at 1489 meters of altitude. 

Watch the video of the descent of the zip line by the athlete Taïg Khris

Solo or duo flight, the choice is yours

The Tyrolean traverse in solo

You must be at least 12 years old and weigh between 35kg and 120kg.

The Tyrolean traverse in solo of the Colmiane

The Tyrolean traverse in solo - La Colmiane


The duo descent 

The total weight of the two persons is maximum 150 kg. The difference in weight between the two people must be less than 40kg.
Children under 8 years of age are not allowed.
Children between 8 and 11 years old must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old.
Minimum weight for one person 30kg and maximum 90kg.

The Tyrolean traverse for 2 at La Colmiane

The Tyrolean traverse for 2 at La Colmiane

Recommended clothing for all seasons

Appropriate clothing is required depending on the season. The resort provides you with a harness, helmet, goggles and glasses.

In summer

Wear clothing that keeps you warm and covers your body, such as a sweatshirt, k-way and pants.
Avoid short shorts and open shoes.
Of course, all the things that could fall down should be left in your car or in the lockers provided for this purpose.
Access is by chairlift.


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In winter

Bring warm mountain clothes (ski clothes, gloves, boots...).
Access is by chairlift.
Try the Tyrolean traverse between 2 descents!

La Colmiane Tyrolean traverse in winter

La Colmiane Tyrolean traverse in winter

Reservation required

Weight limits and times may vary according to weather conditions.
E-tickets give you direct access to the chairlift by scanning the QR code at the dedicated terminals.

Opening hours 

Open all year round, check the available slots on the website of La Colmiane by clicking here.


Solo or duo flight :

  • Adults or children: 35 euros per person 
  • Group of at least 10 people: 28 euros per person