Saint Dalmas, Village of Valdeblore

Discover the Mercantour massif in a sportive way with the Via Ferrata of La Colmiane.

Go to the ascent of the Baus de la Frema at 2 246 m of altitude from Saint Dalmas, a village of Valdeblore.
Do a sportive course while enjoying the landscape.
A 4h30 escapade, perfect to push one's limits with the suspended footbridge and the sealed ladder facing the void.
At the end, a panoramic view on all the mountain ranges.


What is the Via Ferrata?

The Via Ferrata of La Colmiane

Via Ferrata - La Colmiane

The via ferrata is a sporty itinerary between a stopover and a hike.
A fun way to discover the mountain landscape.
This activity is very similar to climbing, you move on the rock faces thanks to cables, ladders...
The practice of this exercise requires specific equipment and a good physical condition


Via Ferrata of Baus de la Frema

This Via Ferrata is located near La Colmiane, in Saint Dalmas, a village of Valdeblore.
During 4h30, evolve in the different summits to reach 2 246 m of altitude. The course proposes to you to leave to the ascent of the Baus de la Frema and to admire the landscape of the massif of Mercantour.

Via Ferrata of La Colmiane

Via Ferrata of La Colmiane

The itinerary is composed of complex slopes with cliffs, rocky towers and pine woods. The Via Ferrata of La Colmiane gets its popularity from the suspended footbridge between the Monts Aiguillettes and its ladder sealed at the top of the Balm. On the upper part of the route, there is the ridge formation of the calanques.

This route is mainly for sportsmen. Alternatives are offered to the less athletic or in case of bad weather to facilitate the circuit.

Technical description

  • Length of the route : 1600 m
  • Duration : 4h30 to 5h00
  • Difference in altitude : 500m
  • Difficulty : High
  • Starting altitude : 1 745m
  • Arrival altitude : 2 246m
  • Nature of the rock : Limestone
  • Exposition : South
  • Alternatives : 2


The course

The stages of the journey

  1. Le Pas du Chamois
  2. Les Aiguillettes
  3. The Miejou
  4. The Grotto
  5. The Calanques
  6. Pillar of the Sun
  7. Summit jutting out
Via Ferrata of La Colmiane Suspended footbridge

Via Ferrata of La Colmiane Suspended footbridge

During your journey you will pass through and carry out

  • Uphill and downhill
  • Wired rock passages
  • Trail crossings
  • Passages under an arch
  • Passage through landslide areas
  • Raise a spur
  • Needles course
  • Aerial traverses with ropes
  • Sealed ladders facing the void
Via Ferrata of La Colmiane

Via Ferrata of La Colmiane Sealed ladder facing the void

The possibilities of escape

  • Instead of the aerial crossing, you will find a shortcut to go to the foot of the balme via a path
  • Instead of the ladder, cross the path to the ridges of the coves on foot

At the end of the route, at the top of the Baus de la Frema, you will see a panoramic view of the entire Mercantour massif.

Discover La Colmiane

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Opening period of the Via Ferrata

La Via Ferrata de la Colmiane will open in May 2023.
However, this discipline is best enjoyed when the weather is mild and pleasant.
We advise you to go from summer to early autumn.

Our safety tips

  • Take a jacket

The altitude cools the temperatures. Remember to take a jacket to protect you from the wind.

  • Hire a mountain guide

The practice of this discipline remains nevertheless dangerous in spite of the reliability of the equipment. You evolve on the course under your own responsibility. We advise you to call on a mountain professional for more security.

  • Recommended attire

Hiking boots, comfortable sportswear covering sensitive areas, helmet, harness, lanyards with energy absorber.

Via Ferrata of La Colmiane

Via Ferrata of La Colmiane


Practical information


Going: free parking and 5 minutes walk from the start of the trail.
Return: From the summit, count 1 hour to go down the marked path to get back to the car park

La Colmiane Via ferrata price

Ticket 5,50€ for an adult to be obtained at the Tourist Office or at the car park reception during the summer.

Condition of access

  • Minimum height 1m45
  • Have the necessary equipment: harness, helmets, lanyards

If you don't have the equipment, you can pick it up at Ferrat sport at the parking lot. Reservation is mandatory 24 hours before. Call 04 93 02 80 56. Count from 20 € ( weight : 40kg minimum )

  • Call on a mountain guide if you are a beginner

High Mountain Guide brings you a safer experience. Click here for more information.