Warrior Paintball d'Antibes is a 20,000 m² playground dedicated to paintball.
From the age of 5, come and let off steam in complete safety, with friends or family, or even celebrate a birthday.

Spend a sporty afternoon at Warrior Paintball. We offer a wide choice of missions and game zones.
For those accompanying you, there's a relaxation area opposite the play areas, where you can enjoy the show.
Accessible by train, bus or car. Reserve your tickets now.


8 Game missions

Discover the missions you can experience with or against your friends!

Team Death Match

Two teams compete on the Warrior Paintball field:
One person is shot and eliminated.
The goal is to eliminate the entire opposing team.

General scrimmage

There is no team, 10 people participate, each one for himself on the field:
One person gets shot, he is eliminated.
The aim of the game is to be the last person not to be shot.


The game of Warrior Paintball starts as a Team Death Match:
When a team is eliminated, the game becomes a Melee.

Paintball group

Paintball with friends


Two teams play against each other. There is a flag in the centre of the playing area.
The goal is to bring the flag back to the team without being eliminated.
Variation: There are two flags, one in each team's camp.
The objective is to bring the opposing team's flag back to their camp while keeping their own flag in their camp.


Two teams compete against each other, each of which designates a VIP to be protected.
The objective is to escort the VIP from one area to another without being eliminated.


A "zombie" team plays a "human" team.
When a zombie touches a human, the human becomes a zombie with it and must infect its former teammates.
When a human touches a zombie, it is eliminated.
The goal is to have no more zombies for the human team, and vice versa for the zombies.


Two teams compete against each other, each of which appoints a doctor to its team.

When a member of his team is eliminated, the doctor can put his teammates back into the game by touching them with his hand. However, once the doctor is eliminated, he/she cannot re-enter the game.

Same principle as the Team Death Match.


Two teams compete against each other, one of which has a bomb. The objective for the team with the bomb is to drop it at a predefined location. The goal of the team without the bomb is to prevent them from doing so.

7 Paintball fields

Warrior Paintball offers 7 playgrounds to complete your missions:

6 courts for adults.
1 court for children.

Paintball field map

Map of Warrior Paintball

Adult playground

Ghost Town Land

2.000m² where you can hide in abandoned mobile homes

- V.I.P

Land Pompeii

3,000 m² of reconstructed battlefield with numerous obstacles


- V.I.P

Chernobyl Land


Paintball with friends

Adult field


5,000m² is the largest of the areas with many barricades. The playground is ideal if there are many of you.



The terrain is a bit narrower, for a closer fight. The central pyramid will give you a hard time!


Speed Palette

This is the field where professional techniques are perfected. Perfect symmetry, one side snake and one side sails and you're done.

The Castle

The castle is perfect for an attack/defence. The participants attacking the castle have the whole field to surround the castle and all its defences on two floors.

Playground for children

Paintball for children

Kids Field

Haiyan / Kids Playground
"Haiyan / Kids Playground" which are suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years.
The playground is opposite the relaxation area. Parents can quietly watch their children and take pictures as a souvenir.

- V.I.P

Relaxation area and snack bar

A relaxation area is dedicated to you, with deckchairs and tables for picnics.
On site, Warrior paintball offers you its snack bar.
You can move around the fields for a better show.

Packages prices

4 packs available.
The equipment is included in the packs, except for the gloves, neck protectors and smoke detectors which are optional.

Pack Kids 7-11 years: 25€
Unlimited balls.

Standard Pack : 30€
> 200 balls.
if +10 players > 250 balls.
if +20 players > 300 balls.

Ultimate Pack : 45€
> 500 balls.
if +10 players > 600 balls.
if +20 players > 700 balls.

Pack Warrior : 65€
> 1000 balls.
if +10 players : 60€
if +20 players : 55€

Online booking

It is possible to book online.
Choose the date and time slot you want.
You only need to add the age group and the number of participants.
Upon receipt of your booking request, warrior Paintball will contact you directly.

Unusual birthday package

Firstly, choose the Warrior Paintball packs individually.
1/ Select the pack you want: Kids, Standard , Ultimate or Warrior
2/ then choose the formula, either :

Snack formula: €4.50 per child.
- Drinks, sweets, lollipops, cups, cutlery and plates.

Snack & Cake" package: €6.50 per child.
- Drinks, sweets, lollipops, cups, cutlery and plates.
- Choice of cake: chocolate, fruit or apple pie.

Paintball Birthday

Birthday party at Warrior Paintball

How to go to the Paintball?

Direction the biggest paintball of the French Riviera, in Antibes !

By car
Via A8 exit Villeneuve-Loubet
Direction seaside road
Free and secure parking on site.

By bus
Line : 10, 23, 200.
Bus stop : Biot train station.
5 minutes walk from the Paintball

By train
Train stop: Biot
5 minutes walk from the Paintball.

Security and protection

For the youngest, adapted balls are provided with their protective equipment.
Warrior Paintball provides you with safety equipment:
- mask,
- wetsuit
- chest protector
Gloves and neck protectors are optional.

Each field has a 5-metre-high protective net to prevent paintballs being thrown at the accompanying persons.