Apartment Shopping at Nicetoile for businessmen!

Apartment Shopping at Nicetoile for businessmen!

 January 10, 2020
 about 2 minutes

Hello Internet users,
Discover a shopping day with Stéphane. You will say to me but who is this man?
Let me introduce you to Stéphane, a rather handsome man in his thirties 🙂

He is a businessman who is taking advantage of the weekend to expand his wardrobe. I advised him to go to the Nicetoile shopping centre located in the heart of Nice on Avenue Jean Médecin.


A Nicetoile shopping day with the hunk!

Well first of all choice of the day, Sunday morning since the parking is offered that day to Nicetoile. And yes we see the businessman lol at the good plans.

A must for him. You can't start the day without a good coffee from Starbuck's.
Located right opposite the information point. A good place to get information about the 100 shops in this centre. Ask for Muriel and her colleagues, she will recommend the best for you.
As for Stéphane, he chooses to go to level 1 where all the shops he is interested in are located!

He starts first with Ollygan where he will find his polo shirts, sweaters and leather jackets.

Ollygan combines style and elegance for both sportswear and casual wear. You can find timeless clothes and accessories.

He will also take the last scarf out, the BelleVille scarf, so as not to catch a cold.

Then at Devred, Stéphane continues his shopping, in this shop, he rather looks for beautiful suits and dressy clothes.

Shirts, pants, sweaters, belts and shoes, everything is there to dress from head to toe!

Lunch break in Nicetoile

After all the trying on, the hunger is felt. He goes up one floor and indulges himself at Urban Café.
Every day small home-made dishes are prepared there, it is the perfect gourmet break after a shopping session.

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