Shopping apartment in Nicetoile before winter!

Shopping apartment in Nicetoile before winter!

 November 5, 2019
 about 2 minutes

Winter is approaching, and I invite you to take a little trip to Nicetoile.

Thirtysomething Virginie is strolling through Nice and needs to renew her wardrobe for winter. She comes to Nicetoile to take advantage of a variety of boutiques concentrated in one place, and to do some shopping.

She starts by having a cup of tea at Kusmi Tea. This tea will warm her up and get her in top shape for her shopping day.

In this boutique, you can enjoy a tasting of a different tea every day. It's an opportunity for constant discovery! She then arrives at reception, where she sees a notice about Nicetoile gift cards...

She needed to make a present for her friend Caro. It's a card that can be used in most boutiques and is valid for a year, so why deprive yourself? "Well, the present for Caro is done!

Nicetoile, shopping area Nice

Spend a day with family and friends Photo credit @Farshid Momay


She can now continue her shopping with peace of mind...

Her next stop was L'Occitane en Provence, because good skin care in winter is essential.

She rediscovers the natural values and scents of Provence in skincare products that take us back to vacation! At Caroll, shopping for her new wardrobe really begins.

She can combine the "class and cool" style, with a little blouse, leather jacket, suit pants or skater skirt and tights... There's something for every taste, at every price, for a beautiful quality that will last her all winter long.

ENTRY 01 Nicetoile @Farshid MOMAYEZ

To fine-tune her outfits, she goes to Aubade & Orcanta to find beautiful lingerie. There's plenty of choice in these boutiques too, from simple to sexy, from bras to lace.

Underwear is all very well, but cuddly pyjamas are even better! More comfortable for winter evenings by the fireplace. It's at Etam that she finds her happiness. To round off her shopping day in style, Virginie finishes off at People Coiffure.

A little haircut with brushing and Virginie is ready for this new season that is starting! Long live shopping at Nicetoile!


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