IN SPRING: Preparing for summer recreation

IN SPRING: Preparing for summer recreation

 April 1, 2019
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The Easter holidays to fill up with gourmet leisure activities...

March and April, if you like chocolate it's time to enjoy the activities on the coast. You will still have the month of May to eliminate and try to get back into your pretty two-roomed flat found in one of the shops of Nice Etoile. Right now, we're celebrating Easter in the south. In each village, a nice party is on the program... for example, "Gourmandises de Pâques" in La Colle Sur Loup, for an egg hunt, make-up workshops and balloon sculptures as well as a Boom Party! At the Hard Rock Café in Nice, it's the opportunity to have breakfast with Bunny, in a fairy-tale atmosphere.


Sporting activities but without doing sport...

In April the Rolex Tennis Monte-Carlo Masters at Monaco the first major clay court tournament in Europe with the participation of the best players in the world every year. It's time to put on your most stylish panama, your Chanel glasses and get closer to your favourite stars of the moment in the VIP box. A piece of advice: even when you're little, always look down on people, grey or not, keep your sunglasses on: with a bit of luck you'll be mistaken for the girlfriend of one of the new tennis players who's in the wind. That always flatters the ego. For women of the "Miss Emma" type, who are a little clumsy and fearless, watch the players perfect their serve before the matches start by shouting "Roger, I love you". Then ask for an autograph when the games are over and the stars leave the course. Climb any fence to get your favourite player to sign on a big yellow ball from one of the shops and you'll see, perched like this, that your man finally has more hair than Nadal and his budding baldness. Ahahah! See you also at the Monaco Grand Prix, the Formula 1 World Championship which is one of the most famous international sporting events.


For the brave, it's time to work hard, not TRAIL:

Lovers of trails, in spring on the coast, you have a wide choice: Trail of Wonders in Breil sur Roya, Trail de Moulinet à Moulinet (logical!), Trail des Balcons d'Azur in Mandelieu-La Napoule (less logical!), La Virada di Falicoun in Falicon, the Trail of Slugs in Blausasc (I think the slug would suit me well in terms of speed), La Grande coursasse in Cipières, the Kilomètre Vertical in Saint-Martin-Vésubie. That's it! We give you a piece of advice: the choice of shoes is the first step of the race to avoid blisters, forget your running shoes and run avenue Jean Médecin to find the pair that will make you run down and up the wild slopes.
Indeed, running in nature or more rarely trail running is a running sport, over long distances, in a natural environment, typically on dirt roads and hiking trails in the plains, forests or mountains. Think of your two-piece which should not become a minikini once on you! Come on, a bit of effort before the beach!


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