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Palais des festival Cannes

The Bal des fous takes place in July and August, and is the crazy festival where eccentricity is the order of the day in Cannes.
8 evenings are organized on themes each crazier than the next.

The Bal des Fous returns in 2024 from July 07 to August 31, 2024!
Head for the Palais des Festivals in Cannes for a wild night out!
Whether you're an adventurer, a rocker or a Disney fan, you can choose your costume according to the evening's theme.
And don't forget, the key to entry is to be the best-dressed!

Find out more about the program, the fast pass, and how to book online.

Program and topics

Costume balls start at 4pm and finish at 11pm.

From July 07 to Sunday August 31, Le Bal des Fous takes place every Sunday or Saturday.

Discover the themes of Sundays 2024:

In July:
- Sunday 7 > the Angels & Demons Ball
- Saturday 13 >the Country Ball
- Sunday 21 > the Fairy Ball
-Sunday 28 > the Space Disco Ball
In August:
- Sunday 4 > the Mythology Ball
- Sunday 11 > the Peace & Love Ball
- Sunday 25 > the Islands Ball
- Saturday 31 > the BDSM Ball

Summer evenings of the Cote d' Azur

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Le Bal des fous Cannes

8 crazy evenings on the terraces of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes Cannes
Le Bal des fous invites you to the terraces of the Palais des Festivals to the sounds of house music.
Discover a sound identity composed by their deejay, echoing the themes of the Bal.
With the Bal des Fous, enter a fantastic, fairytale universe, unique on the Côte d'Azur.
A phantasmagorical carnival in a colorful setting.
If you're a fan of fancy dress parties, this is the ideal festival.
A Sunday open-air costume ball, to the sounds of house music.

Sunday evenings during the summer on the coast

Le Bal des Fous 2022 Credit BDF Photo


The Fast Pass

To facilitate access, the Bal des fous offers you the Fast Pass.
You can buy it online here. Please note that only 1000 Fast Passes are available for pre-sale.
The Fast Pass costs 30 euros.

Costume ball in Cannes

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How to enter the Ball of Fools?

The entrance is public and free. Priority is given to the best-dressed fools.
If you don't feel like waiting in line, we recommend you to buy the fast pass in pre-sale.

Cote d'azur event to do

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Cashless info

On site, the Bal des fous proposes you to use the CASHLESS as a means of payment for the bar.
To do so, you just have to go to the banque des fous located on the left of the bar.
You will be offered a bracelet that will serve as a means of payment.
All you have to do is choose the amount you want to pay by credit card or cash or both.
The bracelet works for the whole season.
At the end of the festival, if you haven't spent it all, you have one month to get your money back online.
You also have the option to keep it for the next Fools Ball!
➸ ONLINE loading or refund. Log in to your account here

Disguised evenings Unavoidable

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Table reservation

3 spaces are available:
- Podium suquet
- Espace Croisette
- Podium Lérins.

To do evenings in canes summer

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To reserve your space, call 06 11 91 69 99. It opens on July 4 at 12pm.
To have access to these spaces, you can pay in advance and/or on site a minimum of €100 per person at the entrance.
This 100€ is to be spent on the drinks menu of your choice.
For your information, there's no need to buy a fast-pass if you're taking a table.

Price of the Ball of Fools

Admission: free

Fast pass: €35
No need to queue. The pass can be purchased in advance online. Click here to buy
1000 fast passes are available per evening.

Admission and table reservations:
You must spend a minimum of €100 per person, cashed in at the door and to be spent on the drinks menu of your choice.
For reservations, call 06 11 91 69 99.
If you reserve a table, there's no need to buy a fast pass.


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Schedule of the Bal des fous

Costume balls start at 4pm and end at 11:30pm.

Where to park?

Here are the closest parking lots to get to the festival:
- Parking du Palais des Festivals
- Parking Pantiero
- Parking Gray d'Albion

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Géraldine Hunter - Sabralon - Elisa photographs @becuriousbydiana instagram
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