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"Les Elles des Jeux

From November 8, 2023 to September 22, 2024, discover the exhibition at the Musée National du Sport "Les Elles des Jeux", echoing the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This exhibition takes a look at the remarkable progress made over the last 130 years, marked by the transition from the almost total exclusion of women to their struggle for parity in the sporting world.


The complex history of women in the Olympic Games

Elles aux jeux Exhibition
Conflicting beginnings at the Olympic Games

Historically, women and the Olympic Games have had a complex relationship.
Originally excluded during the modern renaissance of the Games at the end of the 19th century, women have fought for decades for recognition.
This path to recognition was blocked by numerous prejudices and prohibitions...

Evolution through the exhibition

The "Les Elles des Jeux" exhibition occupies over 500 m² of the Museum.
It traces the evolution of women in sport and society.
From pioneers such as Alice Milliat to today's athletes such as Simone Biles are highlighted.

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Towards parity at the Paris 2024 Games

Following the success of "Victoires", the exhibition has been awarded the "Cultural Olympiad" label.
It places the Musée National du Sport at the heart of the Olympic event.
Paris and France are preparing to host the 30th Olympic Games and 17th Paralympic Summer Games.
This will be the first time that parity between men and women will be guaranteed.

Les Elles des Jeux exhibition route


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National Sports Museum exhibition challenges begin

The Musée National du Sport exhibition opens with "Elles ne sont pas les bienvenues".
It explores the exclusion of women from the early modern Games.
This section shows the impact of these exclusions and the limited activities permitted.

Conquering their place

"Elles prennent leur destin en main" celebrates the women who have made their mark on sport despite the obstacles.
Alice Milliat and other pioneers who paved the way for female participation in sports are honored.

The wall of champions in pictures

First victories and ongoing struggles

"A jamais les premières" and "Elles imposent leurs choix" illustrate women's struggles for their place in the Olympic arena.
They changed mentalities and fought injustice.

Challenges and representations

"Elles font face aux limites du corps" addresses societal challenges and beauty standards.
In this section, the National Sports Museum highlights the struggle of female athletes for equality and recognition.

Exhibition at the National Sports Museum

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Future in Paris 2024

"Elles nous attendent aux Jeux de 2024" celebrates parity with 50% women among the athletes. This part of the exhibition anticipates their continuing impact.
"The "Elles des Jeux" exhibition offers an in-depth and inspiring view of the progress of women in sport. It anticipates their continued impact as Paris 2024 approaches.

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FREE for under-18s and disabled persons

* student, RSA, 18-25 years old, minimum old age pension, large family

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