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From 4 June 2022

Come and visit the new Polar Mission exhibition of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, which will make you discover the polar world in 5 stages:
1/ Meet the explorers of the poles from yesterday to today
2/ Discover the world of the Inuits with the collection of Jean Malaurie
3/ Discover the secrets of the North and South Poles
4/ Travel in Immersion in the polar world
5/ Understand the challenges of polar scientific research

At the end of the tour, use an interactive terminal to create your own report.
Slip into the shoes of a reporter and set off on a mission to the heart of the polar worlds!

STAGE 1 - the great explorers

Meet these adventurers who have crossed the North and South Poles.

The exhibition "Mission Polaire" presents the history and exploits of more than 30 explorers: Jean-Louis Étienne, Frederik Paulsen, Jean-Baptiste Charcot, Matthew Henson....

Did you know that

Prince Albert I has led four expeditions to Spitsbergen and H.S.H. Prince Albert II has visited both poles (north and south). He is so far the only head of state to have been there. His travels inspired him to create his own foundation, the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco.


STAGE 2 - The world of the Inuit

P. Fitte 2

Take a look at the collection of the famous polar explorer Jean Malaurie. He dedicated 70 years of his life to studying the people of the Arctic.

The "Polar Mission" exhibition presents the archives and personal effects of this explorer. Learn more about the Inuit culture, history and way of life in society.

There is also an exhibition on igloos and the Arctic world.

Did you know

The word "Inuit" means "people" in Inuit;


STAGE 3 - Secrets of the North and South Poles

This third part is located in the Oceanomania Room. This area teaches you the differences between the North and South Poles.

If life is abundant at the North Pole, it is no less so at the South Pole.
The fauna is different at the North and South Pole. For example, the polar bear lives only at the North Pole, while the penguin is exclusive to the South.

To be done at the weekend or during the holidays

POLAR MISSION exhibition - Monaco Oceanographic Museum © Musée océanographique

Great information to know

What is the difference between the Arctic and Antarctic?

The Arctic is a huge sea of ice surrounded by land that stretches across six countries bordering the Arctic Ocean: Canada, Alaska (USA), Greenland (Denmark), Russia, Norway and Iceland.

Antarctica, on the other hand, is considered a continent in its own right. Named "the White Continent", Antarctica is 98% ice cap. It is formed by a terrestrial crust nestled under its thick layer of ice.

STAGE 4 - Immersion in the polar world

Enter the polar world and explore the Arctic and Antarctic with :

  • 650 m2 of projection area
  • Projection walls over 9 meters high
  • 6 different settings from the polar world
  • 250 m2 of interactivity

A total immersion in the polar world!

Visit the museum with your family

POLAR MISSION exhibition - Monaco Oceanographic Museum © Musée océanographique


Projected on the entire surface, you enter the polar world, and discover the inhabiting species such as:
whales, elephant seals, seals, polar bears, belugas, penguins, orcas, krills ...

You swim at the North Pole alongside seals, whales and narwhals. On the ice floe, you walk close to polar bears.

And at the South Pole, you watch a ballet of whales, ready to gobble up hundreds of kilos of Krill under your feet.
Not to mention the elephant seals resting on the shore waiting for the seals to emerge from the water.

It ends with a breathtaking display of the aurora.

Discover the challenges of scientists

This stage allows you to understand the different impacts and upheavals of global warming that are taking place on the two poles.

Following this, three modules are presented to you on screens:

  • 1st module > Current knowledge about the climate and the consequences of its warming.
  • 2nd module > The impact of global warming on living species at the poles.
  • 3rd module > To inform about the consequences of global warming on mankind.

At the end of the tour, you can become a reporter.
With the help of an interactive terminal, you can create your own report. Select a title, a visual, a cover of your choice and integrate your photos as illustrations.

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

The shark lagoon

Large lagoon © M. Dagnino - Oceanographic Museum


With the Oceanographic Museum, discover the MARINE WORLD;
Admire the species of the Mediterranean and tropical seas.
Observe the Museum's historical and remarkable COLLECTIONS, as well as the largest cabinet of the marine world, OCEANOMANIA.

Explore the fun and interactive space "MONACO & THE OCEAN" in the footsteps of the Princes of Monaco and their commitment to protecting the oceans. Discover, play, learn, share... an immersive, fun and interactive experience!

Get involved in the "ODYSSEE OF THE SEA TORTUOS"!
A place to visit, engage and raise awareness: from their life cycle to the threats to their existence, discover this new open-air basin designed for their rehabilitation.

Embark on a journey to the heart of the polar world with the exhibition "MISSION POLAR" and become a real explorer and defender of the North and South Poles.

Enrich your visit with an animation to be booked online or at the Museum ticket office: Animals of the seaside, ImmerSEAve 360°, Escape Game.

+ More information on the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco


A panoramic view

Turtle Odyssey © Musée océanographique M_Dagnino



Timetable of the Polar Mission Exhibition

Oceanographic Museum is open every day,
Except on 25 December and the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend (end of May)

January | February | March - 10:00 to 18:00

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Adult (from 18 years old): 19€.

Student (valid card to be presented to the cashier): 12€.

Children: (4 to 17 years old included): 12€.

Children under 4 years old: Free

Disabled person (on presentation of the CMI disability card): €9

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Your ticket gives you access to all the spaces:

  • Aquariums,
  • Museum,
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  • The Turtles' Odyssey (outdoor section),
  • Permanent and temporary exhibitions, including the Mission Polaire exhibition
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On site, you can enjoy a meal at La Terrasse restaurant located on the roof of the Museum.
Enjoy the panoramic view of the Mediterranean and Monaco.

A kennel is located just a few steps away to accommodate your dog during your visit. Only guide dogs are allowed in the Museum.


Accessible to people with reduced mobility and pushchairs.

Guide dogs are allowed in the Museum.

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The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Oceanographic Museum © S_Péroumal

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