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Discover a series of previously unseen works in the Pierrick Sorin exhibition at the Musée Fernand Léger.

The Pierrick Sorin exhibition runs from April 15 to January 29, 2024 at the Musée Fernand Léger.
Le Balai Mécanique pays tribute to the avant-garde in Fernand Léger's work.
For the occasion, Pierrick Sorin is exhibiting new works combining virtual holograms and comic sketches.

Pierrick Sorin exhibition

Exhibition Pierrick Sorin at the Léger Museum

Works by Fernand Léger

The Pierrick Sorin exhibition "Le Balai Mécanique" is on view at the Musée Fernand Léger.

It's a direct tribute to Fernand Léger's avant-gardism.

The name of the exhibition is a direct reference to Fernand Léger's best-known film "Le Ballet Mécanique".

It's a visual and musical composition combining images of machines in motion and dancing characters.

This short film is still considered a pioneer of experimental cinema.

The Pierrick Sorin exhibition is also unique.

Pierrick Sorin's virtual, miniature double is staged in small sets composed of cobbled-together real and fictional objects.

The artist declares:

"I admit that the simple visual magic in which I willingly wallow by creating optical theaters fascinates me and brings me closer to the inventor of yesteryear".

The Pierrick Sorin exhibition pays tribute to the modernity and aesthetic inventiveness of the pioneering work of one of the leading masters of the avant-garde: Fernand Léger.

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What Pierrick Sorin and Fernand Léger have in common

Pierrick Sorin and Fernand Léger are both French artists, but they worked in different artistic fields.

Pierrick Sorin is a contemporary artist known for his performances and multimedia installations.

He uses elements of video, photography and theater to create his works. Pierrick Sorin's productions combine humor and social criticism.

Fernand Léger was a painter and industrial designer.

He played an important role in the Cubist movement at the beginning of the 20th century.

He is known for his geometric compositions, vivid colors and his depiction of modern life in his works.

Despite their differences, Pierrick Sorin and Fernand Léger have something in common:

- Both have been integrated by popular culture: Sorin often uses elements from television, cinema and advertising in his work. Léger was interested in poster art and industrial design.

- Both have a playful approach to art: Pierrick Sorin often uses humor and satire in his work. Fernand Léger was inspired by the circus and theater to create dynamic compositions full of movement.

- Both have worked with a variety of techniques and materials: Sorin often uses digital technologies to create his installations. Léger has worked in a variety of media: painting, ceramics, film and photography. He has also worked in other fields, such as set design and filmmaking.

Who is Pierrick Sorin?

Pierrick Sorin is a French contemporary artist born in Nantes in 1960.

He is best known for his work in video, performance and multimedia installation.

His works are often a blend of reality and fiction, with hints of humor and social criticism.

His installations, which combine elements of video, theater and advertising, challenge our perception of the world and technology.

Pierrick Sorin's combined approach to different media creates immersive experiences for the public.

He has exhibited his work in museums, galleries and art festivals in France and abroad.

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Exhibition times and prices

Exterior of the Léger Museum in Biot

Fernand Léger Museum in Biot


- May 1 to October 31: 10am-6pm.

- November 1 to April 30: 10am-5pm.

- Closed on Tuesdays.

- Closed January 1st, May 1st, December 25th

- The ticket office closes 30 minutes before the end of the tour.


Admission includes access to the permanent collection and a multilingual audio guide.

- Full price: 7.50 euros.

- Reduced rate: 6 euros.

- Group rate for 10 people or more: 7 euros per person.