The meeting of young jazz talents and professionals

The 4th edition of Jammin'Juan returns from November 3 to 6, 2021 in Juan-les-Pins. This event is dedicated to jazz professionals. Showcases are open to discover young jazz talents. The festival takes place over 4 days, with 27 showcases and 5 concerts. Several concerts are open to the public. Come to the Palais des Congrès de Juan-les-Pins to enjoy a pleasant jazz evening.


The Jammin'Juan is an event that brings together young jazz talents, professionals and the public. Festival programmers, artistic agents, the press...come to meet the emerging jazz talents. The event offers 27 showcases and 5 concerts in which more than 30 bands participate. These talents will perform in front of an attentive audience. Jammin'Juan is 4 days of jazz on 2 showcase stages and 1 big stage. The 4th edition of Jammin'Juan will take place at the Palais des Congrès in Juan-les-Pins from 3 to 6 November 2021.

Jammin'Juan - 2021

Members of Human Songs

Programming 2021

Discover the Jammin'Juan programme from 3 November to 6 November 2021:

3 November 2021

2pm: Abraham Reunion - Showcase Espace Gould
2.50pm: Human Songs - Showcase Salle Fitzgerald
3.40pm: Robinson Khoury - Showcase Espace Gould
4.55pm: Half Easy Trio - Showcase Fitzgerald
5.40pm: Laura Prince - Showcase Espace Gould
6.20pm: Baiju Bhatt & Red Sun - Showcase Salle Fitzgerald
10.30pm: Tele-Port - Concert Da Ugo
11.20pm: Jam session - Da Ugo

Jammin'Juan Jazz Concerts

Training of performers

4 November 2021

2pm: Rouge - Showcase Salle Gould
2.50pm: Los Aurora - Showcase Salle Fitzgerald
3.40pm: François Poitou Quintet - Showcase Espace Gould
4.55pm: Waaju - Showcase Salle Fitzgerald
5.40pm: Igor Gehenot - Showcase Espace Gould
18h20: Nuphar Fey - Showcase Salle Fitzgerald
21h00: Nefertiti - Concert Amphitheatre
22h30: Akagera - Concert Da Ugo
23h20: Jam session

5 November 2021

14h00: Dexter Goldberg Trio - Showcase Espace Gould
14h50: Henry Specer & Juncture - Showcase Salle Fitzgerald
15h40: The Machetazo - Showcase Espace Gould
16h55: Yusan - Showcase Salle Fitzgerald
17h40: Christophe IMBS FORYOURGOOD! - Showcase Salle Fitzgerald
18h20: Jemm Music Project - Foyer Mediterranee
22h30: David Amar Trio - Concert at Da Ugo
23h20: Jam session - Da Ugo

Jazz evening at Jammin'Juan


6 November 2021

2pm: Vladimir Torres Trio - Showcase Espace Gould
2.50pm: Antiloops - Showcase Salle Fitzgerald
3.40pm: Pierre Marcus Quartet - Showcase Espace Gould
6pm: Nathan Mollet Trio - Showcase Espace Gould
6.40pm: Mathias Levy Unis Vers - Salle Fitzgerald
10.30pm: Stracho Temelkovski - Concert Da Ugo
11.20pm: Jam session - Foyer Méditerranée

Jazz showcases at Jammin'Juan

Dexter Goldberg, musician

Prices and ticketing

Consult the prices of the evening concerts and jazz showcases:

Access to 1 afternoon showcases (2pm - 7.15pm):
Full price: €10
Reduced price: €7

Access to 1 evening concert (9pm - 10.15pm)
Full price: €8
Reduced price: €6

Access 1 day showcases + concerts
Full price : 15 €
Reduced price : 10 €

The reduced rates applicable to :

  • Children aged 12 to 18
  • Students
  • LoL prepaid card
  • Students from conservatories and other music schools and Anthéa subscribers
  • Members of the CCAS and the AVF of Antibes - On presentation of proof.

From September, tickets will be on sale at the Antibes and Juan-les-Pins tourist offices.

You can also book your tickets online via the e-ticketing service. Showcases are open to the public subject to availability.