Picasso National Museum

Mounira Al Solh exhibits at the National Museum of Picasso "My favorite hour is an hour of the night: Al Fahmah "

Work by Mounira Al Solh 

On the occasion of her invitation to the Vallauris Museum, Mounira Al Solh exhibits the recent work Mina El Shourouk ila Al Fahmah - Lackadaisical sunset to sunset.
A tent embroidered with the twenty-four Arabic names designating the hours of day and night, such as "Al Fahmah
the hour of the night which translates into the word "coal".

In the intimate and protected space formed by the tent, several stories are inscribed that deal with female emancipation in the Arab world.
This installation is completed by an embroidery specially designed for the occasion, diverting from a feminist point of view the character of the warrior of peace painted by Picasso, and put in relation with the current movement of contestation in Lebanon.

20th Century National Museums Project

This project is part of a series of invitations extended by the National Museums of the 20th Century in the Alpes-Maritimes to contemporary artists to exhibit in the chapel of the Pablo Picasso National Museum in Vallauris. Thought to resonate with Picasso's masterpiece La Guerre et la Paix, these exhibitions each explore in their own way the notion of commitment.

Who is Mounira Al Solh?

Multidisciplinary artist working with video, photography, installation, drawing or embroidery.
Mounira Al Solh (born in 1978 in Beirut) deals with the issues of displacement on a European and Mediterranean scale, and in particular the Syrian refugee crisis, which has been the source of several series of works since 2012.
His work is nourished by collected stories, mixing collective and personal histories, which form so many ways of evoking resilience in the face of contemporary conflicts.