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The heart race
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Top departure for the next No Finish Line is Monaco, November 16 to 24, 2024!
Still the same principle: run or walk at your own pace and with no limits ... because for every kilometer covered, 1 euro is donated to help underprivileged or sick children.

The aim of the No Finish Line Monaco is to support sick and underprivileged children through a marathon of the heart.
Explore all aspects of this exceptional event.
Discover the concept of the race, its specificities, the goals to be reached and the records to be surpassed, Yakuba Ouattara, the No Finish Line sponsor and the NFL's commitment to the environment.
How to register online or on site, and find out about participation fees.

Join this sporting and solidarity initiative.


The No Finish Line Monaco principle

You can run or walk the circuit as many times as you like.
You'll be given a chip to record your performance.
Every kilometer you run contributes to a worthy cause.

For every kilometer completed, Children & Future pledges to donate 1 euro to support projects for sick or underprivileged children.
In 24 editions, over 4,810,000 euros have been raised for children's projects.
Since 1999, the No Finish Line Monaco has brought together 164,661 walkers and runners, who have covered 4,487,241 kilometers.

Your commitment to sport has a positive impact!

There is also the No Finish Line in Nice

No Finish Line Monaco circuit plan

Race details

The circuit is open to all registrants.
See you from November 16 to 24, 2024 for the 25th No Finish Line, still in the Fontvieille district and with new records to beat!
It can only be accessed via the "Chapiteau" entrance/exit on avenue des Ligures.

  • Departure: Saturday, November 16, 2 p.m. ;
  • Endurance race: 8 days non-stop
    from November 16 at 2pm to November 24 at 4pm;
  • Participants: everyone;
  • Circuit: 1.140m around the Fontvieille marquee;
  • Technical assistance: Children & Future's 30 volunteers.
  • Professional teams: On-site professionals are on hand to provide care and assistance to participants after their sporting endeavours.

The circuit is open to all registrants.
It is accessible only via the "Chapiteau" entrance/exit on avenue des Ligures.
It is completely fenced off outside this compulsory access point.
If you break this rule by crossing a barrier or sneaking around, your laps will not be counted correctly and you may be penalized.

Rules and instructions!

- walkers on the right / runners on the left,
- always leave a corridor free for a runner to pass through,
- do not cut across the circuit,
- do not walk across the entire width of the circuit,
- no vehicles, even 2-wheelers, may enter or park on the marquee esplanade.
- All parking must take place outside the enclosure.

NB: So as not to interfere with the "Nocturne" race, neither baby carriages nor our four-legged friends are allowed on the circuit from Saturday, November 18, 9am to Sunday, November 19, 9am.

Photo of the mascot and a visually impaired participant!

Photo credit No Finish Line

 The Solidarity goal to reach!

Every year, the Solidarity Challenge sets itself ambitious targets, which are constantly met or exceeded.
Thanks to the mobilization of the participants, their dedication to the cause of children, and their willpower, the objectives are always surpassed.
This year, from November 16 to 24, the challenge is enormous: cover 300,000 kilometers to generate an equivalent redistribution in euros.

A challenge to take up and win!

No Finish Line Monaco front page photo series

Credit Phot NFL

How do I register?

Individual registrations

Online: Until the beginning of November, they can be made directly by clicking on this link
On site: from November 16 10am at Chapiteau Fontvieille from November 24 10am.

Team registration

Pre-registration teams you must create an account by choosing a team captain by clicking on this link
and pay when you pick up your chips at the Children & Future office.

Records to beat

The No Finish Line in Monaco presents the ultimate challenge:
9 days and 8 nights of racing, from November 11th at 2pm to November 19th at 2pm.

45 ultra-runners, some of whom have been loyal to the event since its inception, are embarking on this adventure.
They've often climbed the podium, but current records are still waiting to be broken!

The No Finish Line's absolute individual record since 1999 is :
- Men's feat of 1041 km (in - 2012),
- Women's feat of 924 km.
- Team record: 27,512 km.

Who will be the next to make racing history?

A series of photo moments from the event's activities

Credit Photo NFL Monaco

Ecological Commitment

The No Finish Line Monaco has a clear ecological mission.
Last year, the equivalent of 2 laps of the circuit of cups was thrown away.
The No Finish Line has made a strong commitment against environmental pollution.

This year, all paper cups, widely used during the race to quench participants' thirst, have been eliminated.

From now on, only reusable ecological water bottles, available on site for 1 euro, or personal containers will be accepted at the No Finish Line.

Join their eco-responsible approach!

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Yakuba Ouattara: A Committed Sponsor

Renowned sportsman Yakuba Ouattara was the patron of the No Finish Line 2023
Captain of the team that achieved the feat of winning both the Coupe de France and the Championnat de France the previous season, marking a historic double for Monaco.
His team also finished 3rd in the Euroleague.
Yakuba Ouattara has just begun his eighth season with the Roca Team.
He was also selected to represent the French team at the World Cup.
His commitment to the No Finish Line is a testament to his immense talent as a top-level sportsman.


Adult: €23
€13 + €10 deposit

Children (over 10): €16
€6+ €10 deposit

For the 24h Trophy:
Chip rental is compulsory and included in the entry fee.
A deposit of 10 euros will be returned once the chip has been returned.

Registration is valid for the entire duration of the race, from November 16 to 24, 2023.