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Car racing

Rallye Antibes Côte d'Azur takes place from May 17 to 20, 2023.
For the 58th edition, the addition of a super-special in Antibes.
The next day, the rally returns to the Vésubie Valley for the first time since the damage of storm Alex.

Discover the rally route and information on the stages: Ceremony, events, and Rally Park.
This event is open to all and free.
While waiting for the 2023 program, discover the 2022 program.

Antibes Rally 664.35 km race

What to see on the Cote d' Azur

Stage towards Gréolières Copyright DPPI

Departure and arrival ceremonies

Arrival in Antibes pré des pécheurs

Podium Copyright DPPI

The start and finish ceremonies are organised at the Parc Fermé and the Podium installed at the Pré aux Pêcheurs in Antibes. The pre-race technical and administrative checks take place in this area.

On Friday 20 May in the early morning, come and attend the Departure Ceremony.
On Sunday 22 May in the afternoon, the finish ceremony takes place.
Every day, you can discover the race cars that pass through the Pré aux Pêcheurs.

The Special Events

They take place in the hinterland of Nice.

Car racing

Rally Antibes back country stage Copyright DPPI

The service park

The service park is located within the M.I.N. in Nice.


Service park RALLYE ANTIBES AU MIN NICE - Copyright DPPI

Timetable and location of the Rally stages

Stages of the Antibes Rally

Departure this Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 8 am
210.95 km to be covered in 2 stages of 8 sections

1st stage of the rally, 108,19 km - Start 8am


October event in antibes

Esplanade du Pré des Pêcheurs in Antibes Copyright DPPI


8h00 > Start of the rally
8h30 > Assistance (20 min)
9h44 > Gréolières > 4,73 km
10h03 > Col de Bleine - le Mas - Aiglun > 25,78 km
11h11 > Conseil Départemental 06 > 22,23 km
12h41 > Regroupement / Début Rallye VHC
12h56 > Assistance
14h24 > Gréolières > 4,73 km
14h43 > Col de Bleine - le Mas - Aiglun > 25,78 km
15h51 > Conseil Déparmental 06 > 22,23 km
17h21 > Regroupement
17h42 > Assistance
18h45 > Ville d'Antibes > 2,71 km
19h00 > Finish Stage 1

2nd stage of the rally, 102,76km - Start

6h20 > Start of Stage 2
6h43 > Assistance (15 min)
7h46 > St MARTIN DU VAR - LA ROQUETTE 1 > 3,35 km
8h05 > LEVENS - DURANUS - St JEAN LA RIVIERE 1 > 11,55 km
8h45 > LA BOLLENE - COL DE TURINI - PEIRA- CAVA 1 >18,48 km
11h30 > Assistance
12h43 > St MARTIN DU VAR - LA ROQUETTE 2 > 3,35 km
13h02 > LEVENS - DURANUS - St JEAN LA RIVIERE 2 > 11,55 km
13h42 > LA BOLLENE - COL DE TURINI - PEIRA- CAVA 2 > 18,48 km
14h16 > LA CABANETTE - COL DE BRAUS - St LAURENT 2 > 18 km
15h52 > Assistance
16h30 > Rally finish



Access information for the public


The public has access to everything for free!

For safety reasons, Public Zones with GREEN markings are set up in the vicinity of Special Events.

Please respect them so as not to put your lives at risk!

For the Podium part, it is also open to all without restriction.

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