Exhibition "Le Transport de Forces" - Musée Léger

Exhibition "Le Transport de Forces" - Musée Léger

 March 2, 2023
 about 2 minutes

From May 19, 2021 to May 30, 2022, the Musée Léger hosted the exhibition Le Transport des Forces.

We were able to admire a monumental work measuring 5 by 9 meters.
An added bonus: the museum provided a downloadable audioguide on your smartphone, for both children and adults.


What is "Le Transport de Forces"?

Le Transport des Forces is one of Fernand Léger's major works.
Its exceptional dimensions, 4.90m high and 8.70m long, make it unique.

It was painted in 1937 for the Exposition internationale des arts et techniques de Paris.

This work was created in collaboration with his students, and with it Léger became the promoter of a new mural art.

The painting "Le Transport des Forces" belongs to the Centre national des arts plastiques in Paris, which has agreed to exhibit it at the Musée Fernand Léger for a period of 5 years.

About Transport de Forces

The Fernand Léger Museum of Biot offered us :
- Conferences
- Projections
- Discovery of the publication of a monographic work.

Le Transport des Forces, un destin monumental - documentary film (full version)

Fun visit with the audioguide for adults and children!

For a guided tour, we can download an audioguide on our smartphones for our transport de forces.

Just scan the QR code and find out more about the exhibition in French, but also in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

To make it more fun and attractive, the museum has made available an audio guide for children, in French and English.

Poster of the exhibition "Le transport des Forces" Prices and opening hours of the Léger Museum.

Visit the Fernand Léger Museum website for other exhibitions.

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poster of the light transport of forces



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