Virtual Exhibition - Pierre Soulages - Port Lympia de Nice

Virtual Exhibition - Pierre Soulages - Port Lympia de Nice

 November 5, 2020
 about 3 minutes

The Pierre Soulages exhibition offers you a 360° tour . He is the most famous living French artist. You'll have free access to all the exhibition rooms, at your own pace. Stop in front of a work, but also discover the two listed historic buildings (Le bagne and the Pavillon de l'horloge) that house the exhibition. + Over 100 works to discover!

The 360° Pierre Soulages exhibition

More than a hundred original works have been brought together: paintings, engravings, bronzes and illustrated books.
To better understand and appreciate the world and references of this exceptional painter, we've brought together the testimonies and works of artists who were part of the Soulages world and its dialogues with other cultures.

The exhibition can also be visited in VR mode using a virtual reality headset.
While you wait for the exhibition to open, we invite you to click on this link: Visit the exhibition ( Virtual visit : Realization : HD MEDIA)

The exhibition of Pierre Soulages is part of the celebration of his hundredth birthday after the opening of the events at the Centre Pompidou and the Louvre with the gathering of 20 paintings from major museums around the world.

72 original painted and engraved works by the artist are presented chronologically, from 1946 to 2008.
To complete the study of the artist's work, these references and highlights of Pierre Soulages' cultural dialogues have been highlighted in the exhibition, to provide a deeper insight into the painter's world.

This exhibition dedicates Pierre Soulages as the inventor of a new painting of mysterious beauty.

Details of the visit 

  • 72 works by Pierre Soulages, including 25 paintings rarely presented to the public.
  • A chronological tour of the work of Pierre Soulages from 1946 to 2008
  • The presentation of a menhir statue dear to the artist, an archaeological piece leaving the rooms of the Fenaille museum (Rodez) for the first time.

Virtual exhibition that can be seen at the Lympia gallery in Nice

Gallery Port Lympia of Nice

For those who wish to visit, admission is free.
It's a charming place, despite being the former prison of Nice...
The gallery is spread over several floors, with a panoramic terrace overlooking the port. On sunny days, you can cross from one shore to the other by taking the Lou Passagin.
With the abolition of the free port in 1851, the prison gradually began to close. In 1887, the last inmates were transferred to the new prisons, now the Nice prison. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the complex became a military barracks. Today, the building is occupied by the Nice Yacht Club and the Société nationale de sauvetage en mer.

Download the catalogue in PDF

Feel like discovering the new exhibition catalogue published in the framework of the exhibition : Here

- Pierre Soulages , Composition Bleue 63,6 x 50 cm, 1973 ©Hugues Lagarde
- Pierre Soulages, Peinture 97 x 130 cm, 1947 © Musée Soulages, Rodez
- Pierre Soulages, Brou de noix sur papier 75 x 54 cm, 2000 © Musée Soulages, Rodez
- Pierre Soulages, Brou de noix sur papier 65,5 x 50 ,3 cm, 1954 © Musée Soulages, Rodez
- Pierre Soulages, Brou de noix on paper 65,5 x 50,5, 1949 © Musée Soulages, Rodez
- Pierre Soulages, Painting 174 x 125 cm, 9.11.2008 © Hugues Lagarde
- Statue-menhir de la Verrière, Montagnol (Aveyron), Sandstone, 4th-3rd millennium BC, Musée Fenaille © P. Soisson
- Pablo Picasso, Faune, 1947 © Hugues Lagarde
- Etching XXXIV, 1978, 42 x 32 cm © Hugues Lagarde
- Oil on canvas 98 x 80 cm, 3.12.1960 © Peter Knapp & Bruno Jarett

VR Coordination: Delphine Gayrard, Magali Ghipponi, Département des Alpes-Maritimes

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