Caves of Saint Cézaire - An extraordinary family day out!

Caves of Saint Cézaire - An extraordinary family day out!

 13 May 2019
 about 2 minutes

A festival for pupils and taste buds!

There is no reason to expect such a change of scenery when you arrive on site. So, it is only once you enter the bowels of the Saint-Cézaire Caves that your pupils will open their eyes to admire the incredible scenery.

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More than 60 meters deep

Toto, a multilingual guide for 30 years, knows the place like the back of his hand. That's why he shows us stalactites, stalagmites and other particularities of this incredible site.

What's more, everything has been there for centuries and centuries: 6 million years! Between anecdote and other surprises, you won't see your visiting time pass. In other words, nothing to say, or rather so much. A guaranteed change of scenery!

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Caves of Saint Cézaire

Ask for the chef's terrine...

It's out of the question to leave the cave without a bite to eat! Thanks to Christophe, the chef works exclusively with fresh local produce.

He will delight your taste buds with his traditional dishes from our very French cuisine.

He makes his own terrines and the desserts are homemade. Don't forget to make a reservation.

To digest, why not end up on a tree climbing course in the Grottes de Saint-Cézaire domain.

Set up in the heart of the Saint Cézaire caves, this tree climbing facility, accessible to young and old alike, will round off a day full of emotion.

There's nothing to stop you doing the program in reverse. Accrobranches followed by a visit to the caves. There's even a discovery trail to tide you over if you've missed the start of a visit. It's all there and well thought out. The best thing is to go.

For your information, the parking is free.

Exciting activity at the Caves of Saint Cézaire with the accrobranche

Accrobranche - Caves of Saint Cézaire

To find out more, visit their website!



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