The Changing of the Guard is every day in Monaco!

The Changing of the Guard is every day in Monaco!

 August 15, 2018
 about 1 minute

Indeed, it's not only in London that you can witness the changing of the guard.
With a little luck and good timing, you'll be there at 11.55 a.m. for the ceremony.
The show's solemnity makes it fun for the little ones.


Little info to know during the custody survey 🙂 

What to see in Monaco

Changing of the Guard Princely Palace of Monaco

When the flag is out, it means that the prince is in his flats.

Also, you can visit the large apartments of the Palace from March to October. You may therefore have the chance to come face to face with his HSH Prince Albert of Monaco.

In particular, as the Palace is located on the rock, take the opportunity to stroll through the Old Town.

The guards in Monaco and the palace

The Princely Palace of Monaco and the next generation

To be visited next to the princely palace 

- The Oceanographic Museum

- The Chapel of Mercy

- The Cathedral of Monaco

- The Saint Martin and Sainte barbe gardens

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Oceanographic Museum © S_Péroumal

A little history lesson 

Since 1817, date of their creation, the mission of the Prince's Carabinieri has been to guard the Palace and ensure the safety of His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince and the Princely Family. Furthermore, to ensure the integrity of His properties or residences and their immediate surroundings, to provide him with services of honour, to see to the enforcement of laws, and to participate in the maintenance of public order.

Dressed in white in summer and black in winter.

Finally, a good plan for parking 

The fishermen's car park, located below the Oceanographic Museum.

EMMANUELLE CLEMENT 2021-01-06 12:23:05 Reply

I loved it!! I didn't get a chance to see the Prince :) The view is great ! After we went to the Oceanographic Museum, the day was very complete, with of course a small lunch break in the old monaco.


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