Do you know the tattooed villa, Santo Sospir?

Do you know the tattooed villa, Santo Sospir?

 March 24, 2023
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Why is it called the Tattooed Villa?

The Villa Santo Sospir is located in Saint-Jean-Cap-FerratIt became famous for its frescoes made by the French artist Jean Cocteau.

In 1950, when Cocteau was staying at the villa as a guest of the owner, Francine Weisweiller.
He drew a face in profile on a white wall of Villa Santo Sospir.
Weisweiller liked the idea and asked him to continue drawing on the villa's walls.
Cocteau ended up decorating almost every wall of Villa Santo Sospir with drawings and frescoes, including the staircases, bathrooms and even the toilets.

He also painted portraits of Weisweiller's friends and mythological scenes.
Cocteau's drawings were produced using a variety of techniques: paint, ink and gold leaf.
This is why the Villa Santo Sospir is nicknamed the "tattooed villa", because the frescoes and drawings on the walls by Jean Cocteau are reminiscent of tattoos.

Who is Francine Weisweiller?

Francine Weisweiller was a French personality known for her lively social life.
She supported artists and writers such as Jean Cocteau and Picasso.
She was married to industrialist Alec Weisweiller, nephew of Sarah Bernhardt.
Francine was an artist herself, producing paintings and sculptures exhibited in France and abroad.
She worked as a producer for Jean Cocteau's film "Le Testament d'Orphée".
She devoted her life to the preservation of the Villa Santo Sospir and created the Francine Weisweiller Foundation.

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An aside on who Cocteau is?

Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) was a French writer, poet, artist, filmmaker and director.
He had a significant influence on French culture and was one of the most versatile artists of his time.

Cocteau is best known for his poems, novels, plays and films.
He worked with many famous artists and writers, including Pablo Picasso, Igor Stravinsky, Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, and Jean Marais, his longtime companion and favorite actor.

Among Cocteau's most famous works is "Les Enfants Terribles".
It's a novel about the intense, destructive friendship between a brother and sister. He also starred in the films "Beauty and the Beast" and "Orpheus".
Cocteau also produced paintings, drawings and engravings, and wrote art criticism for magazines and newspapers.

Cocteau was an avant-garde artist and was associated with artistic movements such as Surrealism and Dadaism.
He was also a pioneer of experimental theater, and brought innovations to staging and set design.

Discover Cocteau and the French Riviera

Several places on the French Riviera are associated with Jean Cocteau, one of the most famous artists of the region.

First of all, the town of Mentonlocated at the eastern end of the Côte d'Azur, has a strong connection with Cocteau.
He spent a large part of his life in the town and produced many works of art there, including the fresco on the town hall and the decoration of Saint-Michel church.

The Jean Cocteau Museum and the French Riviera

The Jean Cocteau Museum, Menton

Next, the town of Villefranche-sur-Mer, located between Nice and Monacohas a strong connection with Cocteau.
It was here that he created the mural in the Chapelle Saint-Pierre, considered one of his masterpieces.

Finally, the town of Antibeslocated between Cannes and Nice, is home to the Picasso Museumwhich houses a large collection of works by Picasso and Cocteau, who were close friends.
The museum boasts a collection of Cocteau's drawings and ceramics, as well as a mural he created for the Château de Castille in Antibes.

Concerning the artist Cocteau, you can visit the town of Menton :
- The Bastion
- Jean Cocteau Museum in Menton

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