Children's corner at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Children's corner at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

 22 May 2020
 about 2 minutes

The Oceanographic Museum gives your children a date. Every day on their social networks and every week on their website, the museum helps parents to usefully entertain their little one.

In the museum among these fun and educational games,
discover the "D.I.Y." workshop (Do It Yourself) workshop


Discover the adventures of the little Nerine turtle through several episodes punctuated by DIY workshops so that you and your child can reproduce the story in your living room with everyday objects.

In the form of a participatory tale, your child will discover with Nérine the life cycle of a sea turtle, from birth to adulthood, the marine ecosystem and the environmental issues that threaten them.

On its journey through the sea currents, several animals will cross the path of our little loggerhead turtle. Watch out! Nérine's journey will not be an easy one. She will have to face several obstacles throughout her life...

The Oceanographic Museum is a must!

If you've got kids, this is a real must-see. Both in terms of learning about underwater flora and fauna, and for the wonder of our little wolves.
New exhibits are added every year. This year, it's off to the depths of the Coral Sea! You'll experience a complete immersion and meet the giants of the sea!
You enter a room where the walls are 9m high. Projected onto these walls, you'll come face to face with a stingray, a whale... it's just magical!
And there's so much more to see, do... and learn.
To find out more, I invite you to read the file from the Ocenographic Museum link here


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