Support the Turtle Village of Carnoules

Support the Turtle Village of Carnoules

 17 May 2020
 about 2 minutes

Reopening granted

Franck Bonin, Director of the Turtle Protection Centre: Reopening of the Turtle Village, your visit is highly anticipated!

"Authorization to reopen the Village des Tortues de Carnoules has just been granted. It took place on May 15.

In the meantime, a protocol has been put in place to protect you and our staff from any contamination. You will be able to visit the center again (from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Sunday) and take advantage of all the improvements made this winter (museum unique in the world with more than 3,000 turtle representations, new outdoor snapping turtle pool, screening of three exclusive documentaries on turtle protection in Mexico, Amazonia and Madagascar with exceptional species)".

How to support the turtle village?

Your visit will support our refuge and its rebirth after this terrible health episode.
Make a donation to support the Turtle Village.
You can of course make a donation directly to the village, without any intermediary, to help us make the future of our protégés less uncertain (RIB dedicated to the Village des Tortues de Carnoules).

In order to clarify definitively all the doubts that your numerous questions reveal, the Turtle Village hosts an association, the SOPTOM, which has been working on the protection of wild turtles for 30 years.

The center itself, a refuge for seized or abandoned turtles that visitors have enjoyed for many years, is not an association. It would have been impossible for us to obtain help from the banks if the enthusiasts who created the new turtle village in Carnoules had not acted as guarantors. As an association, we cannot accept volunteers or provide tax receipts for your donations. These are advantages only available to associations.

We therefore provided a RIB corresponding to a special account to get us out of the terrible spiral that started on March 15 when the confinement began. This solution guarantees that donors will not receive any commissions from third parties when they make a generous gesture. When you visit us, we'll be happy to tell you how the money donated has been used.

Looking forward to seeing you again in top form "

Discover the Turtle Village

A paradise for land and sea turtles, the Turtle Village is :
- A fun trail
- A 400m² greenhouse
- conferences
- A veterinary center
Find all the details, photos and additional information by clicking here





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