The Roaring Twenties in Beuil!

The Roaring Twenties in Beuil!

 November 3, 2023
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Let's travel back in time to the 1920s and 1930s, when Beuil was at the heart of winter action.
In 1924, the Club de Sports d'Hiver de Beuil was born, marking the beginning of the winter adventure in this charming alpine village.

The 30s brought their share of thrills with the inauguration of a ski jump in La Condamine.
Imagine standing alongside international champions like Emil Petersen, Olympic champion, and Lieutenant Pourchier, proud son of Beuil and member of the French Olympic team, who gave birth to this skiing treasure.
And all this in the presence of a fledgling Ecole de Ski de la Côte d'Azur, which began offering lessons and training in 1933, gathering up to 300 members the following year.
What a fascinating era for winter sports!

Amateur silent film, 8 mm. Scenes of life in the winter sports resort of Beuil in the Alpes-Maritimes. 1930s.
Directed by Félix Hancy. Deposit Yvette Hancy.
To cite this document: ADAM, Fonds Hancy, 28AV 4. Online since 13/05/2011.

 "Luxury Hotels and Celebrities

On January 6, 1930, Beuil covered itself in glory with the inauguration of the Hôtel du Mont Mounier.
The project was designed by Edouard Baudoin, visionary of the Palais de la Méditerranée in Nice.
Imagine yourself in this luxurious hotel, with en-suite bathrooms in every room, a team of 40 employees and 25 kitchen assistants.
Personalities such as Princess Aga Khan, Comte de Béarn, Countess Orsini and Prince Obolenski were regular visitors.
The resort was a meeting place for the elite.

Excerpt from the film

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"The Golden Age of Valberg and the Ski Pioneers

In 1935, history took a turn with the construction of the Grand Hôtel in Valberg and the installation of the region's first ski lift on the northern slope of Croix du Sapet.
It was the beginning of Valberg's golden age, marking a rapid evolution. The Place to Be!
The pioneering spirit knew no bounds.

"Jumps, Adventures and Heroes

February 1937 was an exceptional month in Beuil.
The resort inaugurated its own Olympic ski jump, the only one of its kind in the Southern Alps, and a ski lift in the Launes district, entirely financed by the community.
Norwegian champion Kaarly was the first to take to the skies.
In 1938, 15,000 people attended the jumping championships.

That same year, the famous explorer Paul Emile Victor set off from Beuil to cross the Alps from south to north, arriving in Chamonix by dog sled.
Beuil was the starting point for epic adventures.


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"A Village of Value: Beuil in the War

During the Second World War, Beuil distinguished itself by rescuing and hiding a group of Israelites hunted down by Nazi troops.
It was an act of bravery in a dark period of history, demonstrating once again Beuil's strength of character.

"The Spirit of Montagnarde Resistance

Beuil's history is marked by a spirit of independence, enterprise and challenge, as well as a proud history of struggle.
This spirit can be felt as you stroll through the winding streets and exchange a few words with the locals.
It's this spirit of mountain resistance and its subtle charm that every visitor can't help but feel and appreciate.
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Photo of skier in 1924

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