Leisure activities on islands

Leisure activities on islands

 August 15, 2019
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Leisure on the islands

When I was still in primary school, I had the chance to spend my week of green class on the island of Port-Cros, where we were able to stay at the Fort de l'Eminence located in the heart of the National Park.

A few years later, I brought my sweetheart, who became my husband. It was there that I discovered scuba diving.

Boarding a boat from the aptly-named Molten Tower...

Your first stop is Ile du Levant, where you'll be amazed at the number of kayakers dressed as Adam and Eve.

Yes, it's an island where naturists come to enjoy aquatic activities. I haven't docked there yet.

View of the sea from Sainte Marguerite island

Beach of the island Sainte Marguerite

On the other hand...

Of all the islands, the one I know best is Port-Cros and its incredible seabed, because it's a marine reserve.

As a result, posidonia, anemones, starfish and fish of all colors can be admired in complete tranquillity, and it's fascinating.

Not all the sea animals, because an octopus played hide-and-seek before throwing its ink!

Then you can enjoy a beautiful walk around the island. If you like arbutus (the slightly floury taste is frankly not great for me, but that's just my opinion).

You'll find plenty of them among myrtle, mastic, heather, olive, pine and holm oak trees.

Porquerolles may be a less wild island, but it's well worth the detour, with its postcard-perfect sandy beaches at the end of the world.

My favorite beach is the Langoustier. Try to get there out of season, even in the height of summer. You can't afford not to spend a day there. The islands are beautiful places.

Just the name of the silver beach makes me dream, and I can already see myself there, stretched out on my towel, lemonade in hand...

Sainte Marguerite Island and the Royal Fort

Excursion to Sainte Marguerite Island with Compagnie Horizon

The Lérins Islands, off the coast of Cannes, are also a must-see. The water is azure blue, and you can swim among the fish - it's magical!


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