Supporting our Leisure

Supporting our Leisure

 April 29, 2020
 about 1 minute

At a time of the Covid19 , the economic crisis and the harmful climate, one may ask oneself how at our "small level" we can have a positive influence on an unprecedented situation?

Of course we do not pretend to have the solutions to everything, but what we do know is that without you it will not be possible to find all that we like to do in our beautiful Region. Animal parks, amusement parks, museums, transport... all our leisure activities are threatened by a definitive closure, so let's get mobilized!

Let's privilege for our future holidays and weekends the Leisure of the French Riviera, what we already love or all those still to discover, is the opportunity to enjoy what we have at our reach, a few kilometers away from home, well below the 100 km possible, currently.

Let's buy our tickets in advance to help support shrinking treasuries and instill our optimism and support to breathless businesses.

We can all, through our solidarity action, support the economy of these small businesses which provide us with so many great moments of happiness and sharing!

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