What's new! Archery Games at Domaine de la Grotte

What's new! Archery Games at Domaine de la Grotte

 28 June 2022
 about 2 minutes

Archery Games ! New activity in the domain of the cave of Saint Cézaire.
It is a team game where the handling of the bow is compulsory. The rule of the game is simple !
2 teams compete to get a maximum of points or to eliminate the opposing camp.

In this beautiful natural setting you can participate from the age of 7 years!


the aim of the Archery Games

The goal of the game is to hit all the targets on the opposing side.
Archery games (or Archery tag) is a discipline born in the United States in 2011. It has recently arrived in Europe, especially in France.
It is inspired by paintball, dodgeball and of course the traditional archery.

2 teams compete to be the first to hit all the targets.
Each target hit gives you 5 points or eliminates the opposing players.
You have 25 minutes to make the maximum points

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Activity at the Domaine de la Grotte


3 ways to end a game :
- Either the targets are all hit
- Either the players are eliminated
- Either the session time is up

Before starting a 5 minutes briefing is presented to you with the instructor
Sessions of 4 to 12 participants are organized.

Where is it played Archery Games?

In the heart of the domaine de la Grotte, next to the Accrobranche Paca Aventure Park, come and challenge your friends.

The field is divided into 2 camps separated by a neutral zone.
On each camp, modules are installed to hide you, bunker style.
Each field has a target. On these targets that everything is played!

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Photo Paca aventure - Archery Games

For your information, before each session, a facilitator will explain the operation and safety.

Who can participate in this game?

Archery Games is accessible from the age of 7.
To organize a session you need to be at least 4 people and maximum 12.
This activity can be practiced with family or friends or in open sessions.
This means that as soon as 4 people are present we can start the game!


You are equipped with a top-of-the-line material:
- A premium ambidextrous fiberglass bow (bow size provided according to your age)
- The arrows are equipped with a foam tip.

Gloves are not mandatory for this activity but are strongly recommended.

Our tips

Our advice
To make the most of it, don't hesitate to come with gardening or work gloves.



1 session of 30 minutes = 7 € / person
1 extra session = 5 € / person
If you want to book a game contact Paca Aventure at paca.adventure@gmail.com or 06 61 88 74 06
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