Heart of the Riviera

A mineral jewel case facing the Mediterranean, Èze offers its visitors a variety of landscapes.
Perched on its spur, the village borders on a maritime pine forest and large virgin areas of scrubland, overlooking the Southern Alps.
In terms of activities, Èze offers many options. Hikers can explore the trails that lead to the hill of Èze, offering panoramic views of the coast. The beach of Èze-sur-Mer is also a popular place to practice water sports such as diving, kayaking, stand-up paddle,...

The municipality is spread over three ledges, with a difference in height of 700 meters.

The village is known for its quaint cobblestone streets, lush gardens and local crafts, such as perfume making. Explore the village on foot and discover the many stores and artisan workshops.

The exotic garden of Èze offers a botanical collection dedicated to plants from around the world.

Beach lovers can also enjoy the pebble beach of Èze-sur-Mer, which offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean.


French Riviera village to see Eze

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Culture and Heritage

Since the beginning of tourism, the village has charmed both anonymous and famous visitors.

Princes, writers and patrons have chosen to stay here for a holiday or for several years, lulled by the peacefulness of the place or the harmony of the landscapes punctuated by the cornices.

Numerous TV series, and in particular Amicalement Vôtre, have as a backdrop the ezascan landscapes. Alfred Hitchcock chose the landscapes of Eze and in particular the Balsan Castle for some scenes of the film The Hand in the Snare with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.

The castle of Èze

The castle of Èze is a medieval fortress built in the 12th century to protect the city from invasions and enemy attacks.

The castle consists of two main parts:

- The keep, a massive three-story tower that served as a residence for the lords of Èze

- A fortified enclosure surrounding the tower, with ramparts and defensive towers.

Today, visitors can still see the ruins of the castle, as well as the remains of the walls and foundations of the fortified enclosure.

The castle of Èze also offers a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea and the French Riviera, making it one of the most picturesque places in the region.

The castle is also known for hosting cultural and artistic events throughout the year, such as art exhibitions and classical music concerts.

View of the sea and the village of Eze


Our Lady of the Assumption Church

The church of Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption is a Catholic church located in the old village of Èze. Built in the 18th century, the church is considered an important example of Baroque architecture in the region.

Contemplate a marvel of another time, with its baroque style, white facade decorated with sculptures and stone columns. The interior of the church is equally impressive, with magnificent frescoes, sculptures and paintings.

The church houses several sacred art objects, including an 18th century silver cross and a statue of Our Lady of the Assumption, patron saint of the church.

In addition to its architectural and artistic beauty, Our Lady of the Assumption Church is also an active place of worship, with regular masses and celebrations held throughout the year.

The exotic garden and its statues by Jean-Philippe Richard

The Exotic Garden of Èze is a botanical garden located on a steep hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Created in 1949, the garden is known for its impressive collection of exotic plants from around the world, as well as for its sculptures by the artist Jean-Philippe Richard.

The sculptures of Jean-Philippe Richard, a French contemporary artist, were installed in the garden in the 1990s. The sculptures are made of metal, stone and other natural materials. They are often inspired by the Mediterranean flora.

Richard's sculptures are integrated into the natural landscape of the garden, creating an interesting interaction between art and nature. You can walk through the garden, admire the exotic plants and discover Richard's sculptures in the process.

In addition to Richard's sculptures, the Exotic Garden of Èze is also known for its breathtaking view of the French Riviera. Many visitors come to the garden to enjoy the panoramic view and relax in a peaceful and natural setting.

To do the exotic garden of eze

Exotic garden and its statues by Jean-Philippe Richard


The Fragonard perfumery is a must-see destination to discover the secrets of Provencal perfume making.

The Galimard perfumery offers a journey through history, since 1747, by transporting its public by its scents on the steps of Jean de Galimard.

The Fragonard perfumery

Since 1926, Fragonard has been creating its perfumes by combining traditional methods with the most modern manufacturing techniques. The factory opens its doors to you for a free and guided visit, every day of the year.

The guided tour takes you through the perfume manufacturing process, from picking the flowers to bottling the perfumes. Learn about the raw materials used to create perfumes, as well as the industry's production techniques.

Fragonard Perfumery also has a store where you can create your own perfume. In a workshop, mix different essential oils to create a unique and personalized perfume.

The Galimard perfumery

The art of perfume in its absolute. Visit of the factory and its perfumery possible all year long.

Parfumerie Galimard is another famous perfume house located in Èze. Founded in 1849, the perfumery is known for its craftsmanship and family heritage.

A tour of the Galimard Perfumery offers a unique experience that allows visitors to discover the secrets of making the region's perfumes and essences. Explore the production facility to learn more about the raw materials used and the age-old production techniques.

The perfumery also offers custom fragrance creation in its boutique. Galimard's perfumery experts will guide you through the process with their tips and tricks.

The artists' galleries, painters of eze

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The hikes

There are several hikes to do in and around Èze for nature lovers.

The most famous path is the "Nietzsche path". It inspired the famous philosopher to write his book "Thus Spoke Zarathustra".

The path of Nietzsche

It is named after Friedrich Nietzsche, the famous German philosopher, who walked this path in 1883 during his visit to Èze.

The trail is marked by Nietzsche quotes carved on stone plaques, inviting you to reflect on philosophy and life. It is a pleasant and inspiring walk for those who wish to connect with nature while reflecting on the big questions of life.

The path begins in the medieval village of Èze. It winds through the hills overlooking the sea, offering a breathtaking view of the coast and the mountains. The path is easy to follow, but it can be quite steep and rocky. The trail can be covered in about an hour and a half, depending on your pace and fitness level. It is also possible to extend the hike by continuing on other hiking trails in the hills of Èze.

It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes and bring enough water.

Popular hikes

The Coastal Path: This hike is a walk along the Mediterranean Sea, offering a magnificent view of the coast and the beaches. The coastal path is an easy walk that stretches for about 3 kilometers.

The Èze Castle Hike: The trail offers a breathtaking view of the town of Èze and the Mediterranean Sea. The hike begins in the village of Èze and extends for about 2 kilometers. It can be difficult, depending on your level, because of the climb to the castle.

The Mont Bastide hike: This one is longer and more difficult than the previous ones, but offers a magnificent view of the Nice and Monaco area. The hike is about 6 kilometers long and offers a significant difference in altitude.

The Pointe de la Revère hike: This hike is located in the Mercantour National Park with a panoramic view of the Alps and the French Riviera. The hike is about 8 kilometers long and is considered moderately difficult because of its steepness.

It is important to bring a good pair of hiking shoes, water and appropriate clothing for these hikes.

Botanical garden Eze

Jardin Exotique d'Eze - CRT Côte d'Azur France - Soumaya BOUSSADOUN

Water activities

The beach of Èze-sur-Mer is known for its idyllic setting, with crystal clear waters and a breathtaking view of the green hills and the sea.

It is also popular for its water sports like diving and kayaking.

Boat rental: Take a boat tour to discover the coast and its wonders. You can also opt for a guided tour to discover the best places in the area.

Jet ski : Rent a jet ski and explore the coast from the sea. Several centers offer jet ski rentals at the beach of Èze-sur-Mer for your enjoyment.

Paddle and kayak: go for a ride in the sea, in a paddle or kayak. With family or friends, explore the creeks and caves along the coast.

Scuba diving: The French Riviera is known for its crystal clear waters, rock formations and wrecks. You can take a scuba diving course to explore the region's seabed.