A balcony on the Mediterranean

The city is known for its architectural heritage, including its Belle Époque buildings.
Visitors can also take advantage of the proximity of the principality to discover Monaco's many attractions, including the Princely Palace, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and the Monte Carlo Casino.

Beausoleil, a flowery city and green setting of the French Riviera, located in an amphitheater above the Principality of Monaco, between 40 and 560m altitude.
Stroll through the narrow streets of the city center and discover a beautiful architect of the time.


To discover

The city has many attractive and pleasant places to discover during a stay.
While walking through the streets of the city, you will be able to admire magnificent "belle époque" facades.
Do not miss the sculptural "Riviera Palace" is one of the most striking representations.

The Sanctuary of St. Joseph will amaze you with its stained glass windows, and the daily market in the city center offers a wide variety of fresh products.

The Exotic Garden

This true haven of peace located on the heights of the city, offers a breathtaking view of the bay of Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea.
The garden is known for its unique collection of exotic plants and cacti from around the world.
Admire spectacular plants such as agaves, aloes, cacti and palms, as well as waterfalls and pools.
The garden also has a gazebo with panoramic views of the sea and mountains.
The garden is open all year round and also hosts contemporary art exhibitions in the summer.

Culture side 

Culture is not left out, with a rich and varied theatrical program at the Michel Daner theater.
In the art gallery of the city takes place monthly exhibitions.

Nature lovers

Escape to the heights of Beausoleil to discover the Mont des Mules trail or the Devens sports complex.

City of the Cote d'Azur

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Its location and origins

This exceptional geographical location offers a remarkable panorama of the Mediterranean coastline from Cap Ferrat to Italy.
The origins of the town go back to antiquity and are linked to those of La Turbieas evidenced by the remains of the historical monument of the Oppidum du Mont des Mules.
But it is with the birth of Monte-Carlo that Beausoleil will prosper, created on April 10th 1904.
The town experienced considerable demographic and economic growth, with its two casinos and its cog railway.
This "Belle Epoque" (1870-1920) favored the arts while developing the technical progress that brought comfort and well-being to the demanding clientele.


Beach of beausoleil Alpes maritimes

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Villa Cypris

Villa Cypris is a magnificent example of Belle Époque architecture.
Built in 1892 for a wealthy wine merchant, the villa has recently been restored and opened to the public.
The villa is surrounded by a lush garden, with century-old trees and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea.
Inside, you can admire the elegant reception rooms, the refined woodwork, the wall frescoes and the ceilings decorated with floral motifs.
Villa Cypris also houses a museum dedicated to the history of Beausoleil and the surrounding area, as well as temporary exhibitions of contemporary art.

Villa des Cèdres

Villa des Cèdres is open to the public at certain times of the year.
The Villa is best known for its magnificent botanical park, which covers more than 14 hectares and includes more than 14,000 different plant species.
The park is spectacularly landscaped, with avenues lined with majestic cedars, fountains, water basins, ancient statues and shaded pavilions. You can also admire the collections of rare plants, such as palms, bamboo and orchids.

Inside the villa, explore the elegant reception rooms, richly decorated bedrooms, libraries and mosaic bathrooms. The villa also houses an art collection, with paintings, sculptures and artifacts from around the world.

Why the name Beausoleil?

This name was coined at the time to ensure its promotion as a tourist destination and reflects the reality: approximately 300 days of sunshine per year and a temperate climate.