Roquebillière's thermal springs are rich in sulfur, calcium and magnesium, giving them curative properties for many health problems.
The spa is equipped with modern facilities to offer quality treatments such as whirlpool baths, hydromassage baths, jet showers, poultices, inhalations and massages.

It's the only spa in the Alpes Maritimes! Berthemont thermal baths are the ideal place for spa moments and relaxation. A village of relaxation and well-being, with family or friends, have fun in the outdoor biological pool.
Berthemont's thermal baths and sulfurous waters make it an unmissable destination for rejuvenation.


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Its history and its virtues

Known for its virtues since Roman times, the sulphurous water of Roquebillière has made the reputation of the village.


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In the 19th century, the town became a popular resort and its thermal baths were in vogue.

The Berthemont les Bains Spa takes its name from the plateau where it was built, the Berthemont plateau located at an altitude of 1000m, 7 km from the centre of the village of Roquebillière.

The chemical composition of its natural waters, rich in sulphur, sodium, silica and trace elements, makes Berthemont-les-bains a destination of choice for those who take the waters and those who love well-being.

The Roquebillière biological basin

In summer, in the heart of the village, it boasts a renowned 1,200m² biological swimming pool.


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A real oasis of coolness in the heart of the valley, far from the heat of summer, this pool, entirely filtered by plants, allows you to relax in a haven of softness, in the middle of a protected nature.

The thermal baths of Berthemont-les-Bains

A 4,500m² complex at the service of health and well-being.


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Two therapeutic orientations are proposed there: treatment of the respiratory tracts and rheumatology. The spa also benefits from a particularly favourable mountain climate, sheltered from dust and pollen allergens.

The combination of water and air also brings well-being and comfort.

The water of Berthemont-les-bains comes out naturally at a temperature of 29°C from the crystalline rocks of the Mercantour.

Sulphur waters act on painful joints; sodium sulphide waters are recommended for chronic ENT and lung diseases.

The establishment also has pools, a spa and wellness areas.

The restaurant "Le Panorama"

It's aptly named, with unobstructed views over the valley and mountains.
Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and a magnificent view of the Vésubie valley and the peaks of the Mercantour !


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