The Var town of Saint-Raphaël offers a variety of activities for visitors: its port, beaches, archaeology museum, golf course...
Here are just a few of the things to do in the town:
visit the port, explore the old town, stroll along the beaches or play a round of golf, and take part in a wide range of water sports.

Take a stroll, with its 30 kilometres of coastline, the Raphaëlois coastline is characterised by its size, natural heritage and biodiversity. You will also be able to treat yourself in one of the many restaurants on the seafront.

The city of Saint-Raphael in the Var offers a variety of activities for visitors.

Visit the port

To see in the Var

Saint Raphaël tourism office photo library - © G.ROUMESTAN

Visit the marina of Santa Lucia: this is one of the largest in the region with a capacity of over 1500 boats.

St. Raphael's marina is a lively and picturesque resort, offering many activities and attractions for visitors.

It is also a lively and picturesque place, with many restaurants, bars and stores.
It also offers a magnificent view of the yachts and boats that are moored there.

The port of Saint Raphael is the ideal starting point for exploring the Mediterranean coast, with boat trips offered to discover the calanques, the Lerins Islands and other popular destinations.


The Provencal Market

The Provencal market is located at the Santa Lucia port.
It is held every morning (except Monday) on the Victor Hugo square.
Visitors can find fresh local products, clothing, jewelry and souvenirs.

Photo library Saint Raphaël tourist office - © G.ROUMESTAN

Saint Raphaël tourism office photo library - © G.ROUMESTAN

Explore the old city


The old town of Saint-Raphael is full of cobblestone streets, lively squares and historic buildings.
There is also a gothic church, the Saint-Raphael church, which is worth a visit.

Photo library Saint Raphaël tourist office - © OTSR

Photo library office tourisme Saint Raphaël - © OTSR

The church of Saint-Raphael

The Church of St. Raphael is an important place of worship and a popular tourist attraction, offering a fine illustration of the neo-Romanesque architecture and religious art of the region.

The Church of Saint Raphael, also known as the Basilica of Our Lady of Victory, is a Catholic church located in downtown Saint Raphael, Var.

The church was built in the 19th century in honor of the Virgin Mary, after an apparition of the Blessed Virgin to a local sailor on October 7, 1836.
The church was consecrated in 1887 and was elevated to the rank of minor basilica in 1957.

The church of St. Raphael has a neo-Romanesque architectural style, with round arches, barrel vaults and a large rose window over the entrance.
It is also adorned with numerous statues, frescoes and stained glass windows, which tell the story of the Virgin Mary and Saint Raphael.

Leisure activities in the vicinity

The interior of the church is spacious and bright, with marble columns and a vaulted ceiling decorated with murals.
There is also a side chapel dedicated to St. Raphael, the patron saint of the city.

The church of St. Raphael is an important place of pilgrimage for Catholics, who come to pray and attend masses.
It is also open to visitors, who can admire the architecture and religious art of the church.

Walking on the beaches

Photo library Saint Raphaël tourist office - © N.GOMEZ

Saint Raphaël tourism office photo library - © N.GOMEZ

Take a walk along the fine sandy beach of Saint-Raphaël!
The city of Var has several beaches, including the beach of the Tortoise and the beach of Veillat.
The beaches are ideal for relaxing and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.


Visit the archaeological museum


The archaeological museum of Saint-Raphaël is a place not to be missed to discover the history and archaeology of the region.
Discover its rich and varied collections. The museum offers temporary exhibitions and activities for all ages.

Located in the historical center of the city, the building of the archaeological museum of Saint-Raphael dates back to the 18th century and houses a rich collection of archaeological artifacts dating back to antiquity.

The museum offers an immersion into the history of the region, from prehistoric times through the Roman, Greek, Celtic and Gallo-Roman periods to the Middle Ages.
The museum's collections include objects of daily life, jewelry, sculptures, mosaics and inscriptions.

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The museum also highlights the archaeological wealth of the city of Saint-Raphael, which is located on an ancient Roman road linking Italy to Spain.
The city was an important port on the Mediterranean coast, trading with neighboring regions.

The archaeological museum also offers temporary exhibitions on various themes related to the history and archaeology of the region.
It also offers guided tours and activities for children and families.


Hiking activities and mountain bike trails


Explore the surrounding nature! The town is located near the Esterel Massif, which is a natural park with many hiking and mountain bike trails.

The Saint-Raphael area offers many hiking and mountain biking activities, with a variety of trails suitable for all skill levels.

Here is an overview of the hiking and mountain biking activities available in the area:

Hiking trails

Saint-Raphael is located in the Esterel hills, a protected natural area offering many hiking trails through woods, mountains and rivers.
The trails are well marked and suitable for all skill levels. The most popular ones include the Coastal Trail, the Customs Trail and the Pic de l'Ours Trail.

The mountain bike circuits

The St. Raphael area also offers many mountain bike trails, with varying levels of difficulty.
The mountain bike trails are suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to the more experienced. The most popular tours include the Forêt Domaniale de l'Estérel tour, the Cap Roux Mines tour and the Chapelle Saint-Barthélemy tour.

Guided hikes

If you are unfamiliar with the area or want a more immersive experience, you can also book a guided hike.
Experienced local guides will take you on the most scenic hiking and mountain biking trails and give you an insight into the history and culture of the area.

Adventure parks

For thrill seekers, the St. Raphael area also offers adventure parks with zip lines, monkey bridges and climbing walls.
Adventure parks offer a unique experience for families and groups of friends.

The Esterel Adventure Park

Located in Puget-sur-Argens, about a 15-minute drive from Saint-Raphael, the Esterel Adventure Park offers tree courses for all levels, as well as zip lines, monkey bridges and sky diving.

Indiana Forest

Located in Fréjusabout 10 minutes drive from Saint-Raphaël, Indiana Forest is an adventure park offering tree courses for all levels, as well as zip lines and jumps in the void.
The park is located in a pine forest and offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Mont Vinaigre Accrobranche

Located in the Tanneron massif, about 30 minutes by car from Saint-Raphaël, the Accrobranche du Mont Vinaigre offers:
- tree courses for all levels
- zip lines,
- monkey bridges
- jumps into the void

The park offers a magnificent view of the sea and the surrounding mountains.

Where to play golf?

There are several golf courses in the area, including the Valescure golf course.
The Valescure golf course is an 18-hole golf course located in Saint-Raphaël, in the Var department.
Founded in 1895, it is the oldest golf course on the French Riviera. The Valescure golf course is also considered one of the best golf courses in the region.

Discover other golf courses on the French Riviera I Old Course of Mandelieu or Golf Bluegreen of Sainte Maxime
Leisure Activities crush

Participate in water activities

Sailing, jet-skiing, windsurfing and kayaking are possible along the coast.

Saint-Raphael is a popular destination for water sports activities because of its privileged location on the Mediterranean coast.

Here is an overview of the water activities you can practice in Saint-Raphaël :

Dive in Saint Raphael

Saint-Raphaël has an underwater nature reserve with a wide variety of fish, algae and coral.
You can practice snorkeling or scuba diving, with professional diving centers offering courses for all levels.

Photo library Saint Raphaël tourist office - © G.DERIVIÈRE

Photo library tourist office Saint Raphaël - © G.DERIVIÈRE


The marina in Saint-Raphael is an excellent starting point for a day of sailing on the Mediterranean.
You can rent a sailboat, a catamaran or a motorboat to explore the coast and the nearby islands.

Rent a jet-ski

Thrill-seekers will enjoy renting jet-skis, a fun and fast way to discover the Mediterranean Sea.
Jet ski tours are also available to explore secluded coves and beaches.



You can rent a kayak to explore the coves and caves along the Mediterranean coast, with breathtaking views of cliffs and rock formations.

Paddle boarding


Stand-up paddling is a popular water activity in St. Raphael, which allows you to practice while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean.

Fishing trip to the sea


Fishing enthusiasts can go out to sea to fish for tuna, mackerel and barracuda, with trips organized by professionals for both beginners and experienced fishermen.

Enjoy the nightlife

Photo library of the Saint-Raphaël tourist office - © N.GOMEZ

Saint Raphaël tourism office photo library - © N.GOMEZ

The city offers a lively nightlife with many bars and discos.

These are just a few of the activities available in Saint-Raphael, there are many more things to discover in this beautiful city of the Var. To discover them, do not hesitate to contact the tourist office.